I Am Alive Challenge - Post #14

Hey everyone, it is @CaptainCryptic again. Hope you are #alive and well!

Back To The Lake

So yesterday I posted a picture of the sunset at our local lake. We went back yesterday to do some Kayaking. It was absolutely beautiful. A slight breeze, 75ish and sunny.

We don't power kayak, more like floating around sight seeing. There are a lot of coves to poke around in and if we find a nice quiet one we are prone to pull out legs out and just chill for awhile. It can be so serene some times.

I forget to take my camera to take some pics, sorry. But will be sure to take some next time as now that the weather is nice we will be hitting the lake a lot.

Back to the 9-5

Monday showed up just like it always does, and it was Hi Ho, back to work I go. Luckily, my commute is easy. Just down stairs to my office. Pretty easy day, but I did have to have a 1 on 1 with my boss. But it was fine. She knows I'm a short-timer and is mostly interested in making sure I pass on my knowledge to the people taking over my work when I leave.

Stay Alive!

Stay safe, awesome and Alive!



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