DCC Tag Contest ~ The Bad Economy Of The Country


This is my entry to the DCooperation hive community contest supporting #economy that says;

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Write about the economy. You can explain how you understand it, whether it's on a country level or a little group like family. What's the best way for a country to improve its economic situation? How people should deal with spending their money to have a better life? How do you personally save? What do you do to not get broke ? ... etc.

When the country's economy started going sloppy, we were all advised to learn a trade because things are not going to be easy, we all need but as years go by, we realized that learning a trade isn't going to stop the bad economy from hitting us so hard so we hopped into going into the farm and sowing a lot of farm produce, we also realized that with the climatic change, taking care of the farm produce wasn't going to be an easy task, so we hopped into the train of having multiple sources of income, and that is the only way one can survive the hardship with the way our economy is becoming worst than how we had thought it would be.

Even with us doing all these, the economy isn't going to change from bad to good, I guess it is our new normal because the cost of things is on the higher side and those who can gain access to them want to have a huge amount of gain all to themselves. Most especially foodstuffs, which are consumed daily, who knows if we are going to be faced with famine one day at the rate at which our economy is going.

Our economy is getting worst every day because the leaders aren't either embezzling the country's funds or using the money to send their children to school outside the country while we suffer in our own country. Currently, the economy is so bad that all federal universities have gone on an indefinite strike, making the student stranded because they are going to end up spending more years in the university than they had planned for themselves.

For me, after when I lost the job that took all my time but gave me little returns at the end of the month with no savings to fall back to, and so much debt due to the responsibilities I was. shouldering, I knew I had to do something.

Anyone who has been depending on one source of income to attest to the fact that currently, with the way our economy is going, having just one source of income isn't the best option because, at the end of the month, you realize that even before your income got into your account, you've spent or distributed where they will be going to or to whom you will be giving it and that can be frustrating most especially if you had nothing to show that you just got your earnings a few days ago.

I didn't know what, but I knew I had to do something, so I hopped into the moving train of opening a Hive account, although it took me a long time, but I was able to start something, and here I am trying to meet ends meet and also trying to look for an offline job that can help me stand strong with the way our economy is falling badly because we don't know and can not tell how it will look like in the next weeks or even next year.

The only best way the economy of our county can improve is when those in the government are uprooted and new leaders are picked. Those who can manage the country fund and put it to good use. We have close to or over five million graduates who are out there looking for something to do just so they can meet ends needs but yet still the leaders are embezzling funds, putting funds into things that are not relevant, and refusing to pay the lectures and this has lead to an indefinite strike.

Secondly, those who have access to these things are becoming too greedy because they want to have much gain not just in the market but these are applicable in offices.

A vacant space is available for a qualified person but those at the top, need you to pay some amount of money before the job is given to a person even when he or she is qualified for that position.

There is no way one is going to stop spending because it's one of the reasons why we are all hustling every day and sitting down idle not doing anything but spending frivolously isn't a wise decision anyone should make at this point. We should learn to go for our needs and not our wants.

One of the best ways to overcome this bad economy is spending a little and saving a little for the future which for me, I think is the best way one can become on a safer side of this bad economy.

Having a fair knowledge about crypto, testing the water, and finally diving all in can also be a better option too because we don't know what next to expect.

To complete these, I came across @linco article about Dream to reality

People are struggling to cope with this new economic crisis, beginning with oil and escalating to everything else. In this crisis, the Bangladesh government has made no serious moves to control the market, which is rare. The government should come forward to stabilize the market otherwise general people will be in trouble.

It is the reality. The struggle is real and sends many people into a state of depression because it is becoming too tight to cater to oneself and family with just the little earnings again.