Got A Christmas Gift for my family using my Earnings on the blockchain


If someone had told me that my being active here on this blockchain for just one month and some weeks was going to earn me a lot of money, I wouldn't have believed it.

I opened this account three months ago but fear of not paying voted because I was a newbie got me scared even more that I did not use them for two months until last month I decided to take a step slowly and today, this blockchain has helped me most especially in this festive period.

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You know, when we began this month, I was bothered and worried about how I was going to survive this festive period considering that I had no work and I had no one to run to but being active in this blockchain has saved me the stress of crying my eyes out and looking for who to run to for help.

There is nothing as sweet has had something to turn to when one is in deer needs, it is always good when we are in need and we turn around to find out that we have something we can lean on when a situation arises and we do not have cash in handy then but can always get it from the blockchain.

Although it wasn't easy because there were days I got disappointed on the kinda upvotes I got that I felt like not continue but some weeks I would get some good upvotes that I would begin to dance around and show my friends how good I am doing on the blockchain.

Those upvotes I usually receive came to my rescue, a few months ago, I promised my mom and my siblings to get them gifts but unfortunately, I left my work because of a whole lot of stress and it was beginning to drain me and cause my health to deteriorate.

So, I had no option but to put down my recognition letter. I decided to open the Hive blockchain a few months ago but wasn't active because I was confused about what to write and what to do but then, the festive period came around and I had already spent all my savings

I did not know what to do and how to get money, so I decided to try the blockchain. And since then, I have earned a lot in just one month of being active and my reputation is growing faster than I ever could imagine.

I have sold my HBD within this one month and have used it to meet my needs and that of my family and also bought foodstuffs for the festive period.


I mean, I would not have believed that I would have been able to earn a reasonable amount of money here within just one month of being here that would pay my bills, buy medication for myself, and still get my family Christmas gifts.

I am still surprised that I made such an amount of money but I am glad that I accepted to start slowly and I am grateful to every one of you who upvoted my post, you all gave me a Christmas gift.

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I am here since a couple of weeks and I am loving it as well!
Best wishes for your journey here and also for your family, that you can altogether enjoy the gift!