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Love the story--this boss does not sound gentle, but in secret, he shows the narrator-dog some affection--and our hero protects the others, takes the brunt of boss's anger for them, and goes on night patrol. This is "just a freewrite" yet you convey complex relationships and themes in flash fiction. Some people may insist freewrites are not publishable and not worth reading, but you prove this notion to be untenable. One prompt + Five Minutes = a story that is touching and memorable.

I also love the way you connect us with #dailypetphotography, my one "safe haven" besides #freewritehouse, where drama, bickering, politics, and power ploys are not seen. It's hard to find a Steemit community where this is true. You bring to us the fun, camaraderie, loyalty, and selflessness that Jerry the rescue dog (like all good dogs!) brings to you.

Thank you!