Reflections in the tea factory. Photochain Challenge: Round 136 (Reflection-White)

Hi friends, after having enjoyed the previous Photochain Challenge I have decided again to enter this contest organized by @davidesimoncini.

For all those who would like to see what this contest is about and to participate, I leave below the link corresponding to the current round, which is number 136.

Photochain Challenge Round 136

The photograph presented here was taken 3 weeks ago in an industrial estate in Ponferrada (Spain). The building corresponds to an infusion factory whose main building, its entire facade, is made up of fully reflective blue glass, which provides several reflections of the surroundings of the building. In the image you can see the white clouds that day, a red car reflected several times, street lamps, trees and even the distant mountains. Another element that exists in the white colored photo is the column at the entrance.

Additionally, as the ground was very clean, you can even see a reflection of the street lamps coming from the reflection of the windows, so it would be a re-reflection if the word exists.

Finally, my third word that I contribute and that you can see in the image is the word car. Since in the image you can see a red car reflected in 3 of the crystals.

A cordial greeting.

Photograph taken with my Iphone SE.

Cover and banners created with (free version).

Translated with (free version)


Hello Castri-ja, thank you very much to join again, nice finding. Welcome to the current edition and a big good luck :) !WINE !PIZZA