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Hello peeps

Henry coming back from school after getting his result from last term with his friends, they were talking and arguing over school issues. While going, a man called them, to give them advice and his name was Mr.Collins. Mr. Collins advised Henry and his friends about so many things, peer pressure, he advised them how teenage age is and how they should focus on their education, make God their priority in whatever they do and come out to make their families proud of them. Mr.Collins begged them to really focus on their education, they should make sure they bring out their best in them and make their parents proud of them. After the advice, they all thanked Mr.Collins for his time and advice to them and promise him to focus and make their parents proud.

Henry really took the advice, he finished his high school education, but there was no more money for him to continue the university education and he had a little break to do a little business and save up money to go to the university because he really wanted to finish his education. During his trial to get money, he met Mr.Collins again after some years back. Mr.Collins asked him now life was going on with him and he told Mr.Collins that he has nobody to sponsor him to finish the university education.

Mr. Collins felt pity for him and decided to sponsor Henry, so he'll finish his education and Henry was forever grateful to him. Henry finished the university education and still didn't get a job but Mr. Collins promised to get him a well paying job for him ton start up a family.

One day, while they were at home, some group of men came to their house and started talking to Mr.Collins but later changed their language to a language that only them could understand but unfortunately for them, Henry understood what they were saying, that they were trying to kidnap Mr. Collins and he immediately called Mr. Collins to the kitchen and told him. Immediately, Mr.Collins called the police and they came and arrested those men. When they went to the police station, they confessed that it was true and they were sent to jail.

Mr. Collins was ever grateful to Henry for saving his life and he got Henry, a well paying job that Henry built his own house, got married and stayed happily with 3kids. Henry's mother was so proud of him too.