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Sarah was married to Mr. Collins, a very hardworking man, who is a general manager in an oil company. That should really tell you that money is never their problem you know. He was very loving to his wife and so caring until one day, when his wife asked him about his mom and he told her to stop asking him but she refused and he beat her up and her 5months pregnancy was gone. Sarah cried and was so sad but the husband was sorry about his carelessness though. Since then, Collins wasn't caring anymore, he was wasn't just the husband that Sarah married. The house became hell for Sarah because she said she wasn't gonna get pregnant for her husband anymore and refused him touching her and that got Mr.Collins so angry. Sarah told her friend, vera about what she was going through in her marriage but vera advised her to get a divorce but she told her that she still loved her husband and so, she wouldn't do that. So vera gave her a plan B, to go see a therapist which she did, her therapist was named Benny. Benny was a popular therapist, he was handsome and very cool and nice. SO they started the therapy and Benny made Sarah realize the things she should do in her home. Firstly, she was to cook a nice meal at home and wait for her husband to coke back and she did, the husband was surprise though, so they ate together that night and she asked her husband out for a night date and he accepted, they picked a location and time. Benny told Sarah to let her husband touch her. On the day of the date, Mr. Collins came so late that he had to really apologize to Sarah, which she accepted the apology and they had their date so happily and went back home. On reaching their home, they started kissing and one thing led to the other, and they made love that night. After one month, Sarah told Mr. Collins that she was pregnant. Mr.Collins was so happy that he never beat up his wife anymore, he told her how traumatized he was,when he always heard his mom being beaten by his father and he apologized to his wife. That was how Benny, the therapist built Sarah's home back again.