Errors that drive away abundance in our lives


Many times we make mistakes on a regular basis that condemns us to remain poor, since by not changing habits, thoughts in our lives we will have the same result. Because we are poor because of ourselves, we are not guilty of being born poor but of dying poor we are guilty since we do not look for ways to change our world.



Focus on being rich, not being rich

Most of you think that being rich is to pretend what you are not, it is the worst mistake that many people make, for example a man who has a late model car, a latest generation phone and a large house, while another person has a car, phone and house of less value, here if you could imagine both people we would say that the first is rich, the second low class, but what we do not know is their financial information. The first has a bank account of $ 1,000, but the phone was bought on credit $ 1,000, Car debt $ 50,000 House debt $ 250,000, having a Net equity of -300,000 $. While the other young man has a bank account of $ 1,000, a telephone of $ 500, a car of $ 25,000, his own house, $ 125,000, he has shares of $ 1,000,000, he has an equity of $ 1,150,500, this reflects us that one thing is to focus on getting rich and quite another not to be rich. Many people, when you get extra money to invest to produce more income, what you do is spend it, or worse, go into debt to pretend what you don't have.
The goal is to get rich, not look rich.

You don't think long term

Most people dream of becoming a billionaire overnight, forgetting that it is impossible to get there without going through having a goal, then a plan that you will execute for a while, where few people do not have the courage and the persistence of having your own business in a few years but lasting an eternity working on the dreams of others. When they see that the income that you will return is seen in the long term, they are afraid they give up the idea, they prefer to continue working for a fortnight, a retirement that will not even reach their medicine, this in the prospectus of my country Venezuela.

Has pure Active income

In life to obtain great abundance we must not only have a single source of income, we must diversify and find other sources that help us grow our wealth every day, not only receiving active income that we must be 100% of our presence, also There is passive income which we can passively generate money with little of our presence in today's world, there are many possibilities of finding different sources of income, you just have to inform yourself well where you are going to invest or what you have to do to obtain greater benefits.

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