motivation in sport


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It is very difficult to keep a person motivated, whether in the routine of the day or at work. And for an athlete? How should motivation be in sport? Each person has a form of motivation, their personal goal, their inspiration and with athletes it is no different. What is the motivation of a team that is in the bottom position? What motivates an athlete who is on the reserve? What makes an athlete want to go training after a big defeat? These questions seem simple, but there is more than a proven link between motivation and performance in athletes. Motivation is internal, it is what makes you seek and commit to what you want. Many clubs, especially football clubs, use motivational talks to motivate their athletes. You must have participated in some at some point in your life. However, speaking motivational is not what will really motivate you. It may even inspire you, but inspiration is temporary. It is important to analyze various internal and external aspects and discover the athlete's true motivation with the sport. A good example is whether the athlete takes the sport to a competitive or simply participatory level; whether you are among the first or the satisfaction of participating is already complete. The best professional to understand, identify and guide is the sports psychologist. He is able to understand the moment and motivations of the athlete, directing the club, the coaches and the athlete himself in the best way.