Humanity of a person ends only when he starts getting happy seeing the other person sad. Dtube lifetalk


Hi beautiful world!
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We are human and humanity is our religion. As human beings, our good qualities should be reflected in our behaviour. Society has probably been created so that we can share in each other's happiness and sorrow, increase their courage. If a person is developing, then we should encourage him and not try to drag him back out of jealousy. Our humanity ends where we are happy to see others in misery. A group of individuals is a web of social relations, out of which there is always a danger to us. Perhaps that is why society has been created so that we can feel safe in ourselves. We should move forward with a positive thinking that If any person associated with the society is developing, then surely he will open the path of development for other people also. If this kind of thinking is developed inside everyone, then surely there will be a feeling of heaven on this earth itself. Today there is a need to promote brotherhood, to encourage each other. Because day by day our morality is deteriorating. If something can take us up, it is our good thinking. Change your thinking, circumstances will change automatically.
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