Lessons we need to learn from birds that only give their young the ability to fly. Dtube lifetalk


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Birds never teach it's baby how to arrange food, how to build a nest, but it teaches them the ability to fly. Birds develop abilities in their baby so that they can become self-sufficient. When a small bird has such a positive thinking then we humans are from the most intelligent class, then why can't think like that. There is a need to change our thinking. It is true that all of us have abilities, but they remain suppressed due to not being used properly. People who say that after trying again and again yet they are not getting success, then it means that people somewhere are making mistakes. Failure does not weaken us, but by correcting mistakes, it motivates us to move forward stronger. I wish we could take it in a positive way. Those who reach their goals do not do anything different but learn from their mistakes and move forward with better preparation.
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