Those who admire, recognize us well, while those who care we have to recognize them equally.



Hello beautiful world!
Wishing you a very lovely weekend..
Even today there are some basic things on this earth on which even today the whole world is completely dependent. Though things are changing very fast, still there are some things which are keeping our traditions, our mutual harmony alive. Yes, I am talking about each other's mutual harmony. Those who care about us recognize us but it should be our responsibility to recognize them. Clapping is never done with one hand and the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam will prove to be true only when we understand the importance of relationships and give them importance. Loneliness has certainly reduced these things but has not been able to eliminate their effects completely. Certainly there are some things that bind us in a mutual love affair. If someone cares about us, then surely we should take care of him equally.
Thanks for being here..
Have a nice weekend.

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