Controlling nature is like hitting an ax on own feet. Dtube lifetalk.


Hi beautiful world!
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We are human beings and we have a certain limit beyond which problems always arise for us. The area where I am living is currently witnessing the threat of floods. Till now 60 villages are completely under water,have drowned. Even within a range of 500 meters from my office, there is water all around. There is a possibility that the flood water will reach my office by tomorrow. Now you must be thinking that what is the rationale for this title? Definitely the reason. We humans try to control nature due to which such situation arises. If there is a flood situation in the area, then the reason behind it is that most of the people here have completely closed the small rivers and canals coming out around the village, due to which there is no movement of water due to which the water migrates towards the village. Now the situation is that there are some areas left in this block where there is no flood situation, in all other places water has already reached . If this continues, then in the next 15 days a situation like an epidemic will start. There will be nothing left for the people to eat. Animals will also starve to death in the absence of a feed. We will pray that nature will forgive us. PEACE
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