Looking for at least ten Chaos Legion additional bonus pack till ending event. Play2earn talk


Hi beautiful world!
Hope doing good..
You well know that C. Legion's pre-sales power perks is going on, that will end exactly 29th day from today. You have also noticed that one have to spend more SPS and DEC rather than initial time to buy this pack. It is because DEC and SPS price dropped recently. Now this time I am holding my voucher and when it will be sufficient, (if there is necessity would like to buy it from market) I will go for hundred Chaos Legion pack to get 10 additional bonus pack. In first week of the CL pre-sale I bought four CL after that I stopped and holding my voucher. Now this time I am focusing in League and improving my rating so that I can get more loots chest from splinterlands season that going to end within 3 days. One thing is good that I increased my daily SPS airdrop and now it is reached 61 SPS everyday.
Hope you are also enjoying splinterlands gaming platform.
Have a nice day..

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