Difference between ego and sacrament, once is happy by bowing down to the other and the second by bowing itself.



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When the ego overwhelms us, it relaxes our senses, impairs our ability to think, and we are bound to make the mistake we probably shouldn't have made. Its specialty is that it feels relaxed by bowing down to others, unlike the sacrament which is happy by bowing itself. The work of bowing is done by both the ego and the sacrament, but there is a difference between the two. One does it for his personal gain while the other not to harm the other. Therefore it becomes necessary that the ego should not be given the slightest place in the mind. If it gets a little space, it doesn't take long to dominate. We are human beings and we have both the qualities. Now it is up to us which quality we are allowing to dominate. The truth is that no one was benefited by ego, nor will it ever happen, so it is wise to stay away from it.
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