Have you felt traffic on the way to reach CHAOS LEGION? Oohu! Voucher thou made me downcast.


Hi beautiful world!
Hope enjoying Tuesday..
in this video I have talked about splinterlands gaming platform and CHAOS LEGION pack that yesterday revealed and first presale started. You must have noticed that one who want to buy these CL pack definitely have to sufficient VOUCHER in their wallet. And these vouchers are providing on the basis of SPS staking. In my wallet there is only 5K SPS token, so I was eligible for only one voucher and only one Chaos Legion pack. Now there is restrictions to open it and we have to wait for the further announcement of splinterlands to open this pack. Anyway there will be more traffic next 28 days in play2earn gaming platform. people already revealed their downcast in comment box when there was condition taking voucher. Anyway till now this gaming platform proved the best gaming platform. What's your opinion? please leave your valuable comment.
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