ChallengeEOS dApp To Add Hive Support


ChallengeDac has a long history with HIVE/Steemit going back many years! We have rewarded many hive users and some of our most loyal users have come from the Hive Community!

Now as a project we are announcing our intentions of adding the HIVE token and network to ChallengeDac! This will introduce tens of thousands of our users to the power of the HIVE token and the ecosystem.


ChallengeEOS is an online platform where users can create and participate in the creation of smart contract bounties! We’ve had a lot of success with people using crypto for marketing campaigns, giveaway promotions, etc via ChallengeEOS dApp. Likewise, it’s been a great place for users to win Crypto for carrying out simple tasks as well. Users who create a “Challenge” AKA a smart contract bounty. Have a paragraph where they can include the instructions for the release of the smart contract which contains a reward that can be in the form of the dozen tokens from two different Blockchains we support at the moment which are Telos and EOSIO Blockchains. We have a local currency called $CHL which is used on our dapp alongside over ten other tokens.

We want to make the HIVE network the third by adding support not only for the HIVE token but also for the HIVE network which will allow us to add other tokens to the HIVE blockchain! If there is a certain HIVE-engine token you would like to see us support please let us know!

Moving forward we want to document this progress of hive integration through HIVE posts! We hope by doing this we will make development easier for feature projects who chose to build on HIVE. We also call out to Hive developers who are interested in being part of this development to drop their email address in the comment section of this post.

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