My recent trip

Taking a trip is an excellent experience when it takes the expectant heart. Soon I will see the family and every tree along the way is anticipating the experience.

I go from an area of ​​many hills, ups and downs to the home, to the flat, to the plain. Two hours into the journey, the panorama already changes. large expanses of plain begin to attract my attention.
There is green, a lot of green and those brushstrokes also begin to paint my mood. I feel happy, soon I will be with the children and grandchildren and I will recharge myself with memory, experiences and laughter.
When did this reverse journey become so enjoyable? When I left the nest of adult chicks to continue my way, now, when the situation allows it, I return for a few days and then I return to myself and my present.

The river will always be the dividing line, the surprise at its flow and the faith in God and his natural gifts.


Original content
Images taken from the bus with my Redmi T9 phone, on my recent visit to the state of Apure, Venezuela.

I used google translate.