Money doesn't change, it brings out the real us.


What I want to say, it's a little bit controversial it will not be everyone take, as everyone sees life from a different perspective and our sense of judgment meant not be the same due to our upbringing and the environment we grow up, which if you agree or don't agree with my point of view you can comment below, let's see from your perspective, as no one is perfect, as we learn 📕 through interaction as well. without taking much of your time.

They said money changes people,
but does money change people?

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You will hear a lot of things like he wasn't like this before, he changes as soon as he has money, those characters that he/she exhibits while they are poor, it the same attitude they will perform while they are rich.
The reason we say they change is that those attitudes they perform when they are rich are obvious, the same attitude they perform while they are poor only that it is in an atomic manner, when we say something is in atom form, they Are hardly seen, and what we don't see we don't focus our attention to it. Those attitude are there, we are not just paying attention.
Money makes you bold, being bold doesn't mean that you are proud is that you can express yourselves without the fear of anyone and when you become bold those atomic attitudes will try to find expression, and if they do, that is when we say the person has changed.
Money amplify who we already are, if you are good, you are good irrespective of your state of being, be it poor or rich. Haven't we seen rich good people, so money magnify? Our atomic attitude.
Remember humans don't change humans only evolved
Evolved in the sense that what you are doing is still what you are doing, just that you have entered a whole new level, the degree at which what you are doing has increase exponential.


you can comment below let see your own perspective of this


Sound take.

I believe it varies and both are possible. If a person changes social circles, as an example, that can affect change via picking up new mannerisms from the new people they're around.

More often than not, I think what you said holds true. People just show sides of themselves that were already present.