Hive Price May Go Up to 0.41 USD Where The Great Resistance is


Hive price is going down slowly until end of April. Because Hive price touched great resistance which is coming from August 2022. It is tested 6 times past. So, It is hard to break up and go up...

Here you can see daily chart of Hive. You can see huge candlestick pump&dumps. Hive draws huge candles in a few weeks regularly.

We didnt see this candles until end of April. So, Hive price may go up and touch great resistance and 100-day moving average which is at 0.41 USD level...

Ekran Resmi 2023-05-27 20.02.53.png

Here you can see RSI (14) Indicator which is on oversold level.. So, Hive price may go up to great resistance to make correction on RSI Indicator... It may be time to take 20% profit by buying Hive from 0.34 USD level.

Ekran Resmi 2023-05-27 20.04.40.png

As, I said It may be time to buy Hive for short term to take profit 20%.. This trading strategy has risk but Possible profit ratio is high..

We will see...