The Hive side Hustle: Rising Star, Unboxing, tutorial, & sperate WAX NFT airdrop



Given I have been on Hive a while now I have picked up a few tricks, I feel would help new users. Splinterlands get a good amount of attention but the other Hive games get overshadowed. One such example is Rising Star, so todays write up will try & impart the tips and tricks I use to get the most out of Rising Star.

Getting started

Best part of rising star to me is the fact new users get to play for free, This game is one of my only entirely free NFT side hustles. Having just played to level 20 to cash out instead of buying a pack.

New users also have achievements, look at all the free NFTs you get even before you start buying free packs from the STARBITS you earn.

So yes like first starting here on Hive can be a little difficult at first it becomes more then worth while the more you stick with it.

Awsome opportunities

Weather its curating your post or Special NFT launches or one of a kind NFTs you can custom build in game. Even going so far as having one of the best diesel pools right now.


That's a good looking ROI

You can find diesel pools here
This will be out of your Hive Engine account Wallet, Try to aim for pools that have this.
May take some time but your in game NFTs do sell on the market, mine sell better for STARBITS.
You can even delegate your game cards to your friends to boost their account.

Rising star offers a great many options from tokenizing your songs as a musician IRL, Or even just for NFT collectors and vendors like myself as their NFTs are on a rather large number of blockchains.

The NFT colection on Rising stars feels like it never stops expanding & thus their potential as a game + colection is ever growing.


Seriously though if your a person that has recorded a song before professionally, & you still have a copy tokenize it into an
NFT its free until you sell it which is just taken as commission.
Either Rising star can do this for you or Cait a non profit on WAX doing the same thing.

Back to rising star in particular, they have album support so you can support your favorite featured artists song.
See that, endorse the artist you like, this game is much more then a game Rising Star, is an unsung hero of Hive Giving aid to independent artists every where.
If your an artist now or in the past have some of your own songs recorded I can actually point you to a good number of NFT based music services designed to help the struggling artist.

Though I'm not talented in that way I know the struggle, & my WAX / HIVE NFT knowledge is vast to say the least.

Custom NFTs

Other then posting your own song to rising star you can build a few NFTs in game. New to the game being the reason for me to actually do this write up.

The festival wrist band NFT blend 1st one ever to be made, taking me 12 weeks to get the wrist band NFTs to do so.

The festival world tour costs 1 STARBITPRO to play once giving you a single NFT for that area. Collect an entire region from the world tour to blend them & make a special blend NFT.

Switching every week the wrist bands you get are limited in the time that you can even get them. So just stocking up for every part of the festival world tour can be lucrative as the secondary market is the only choice after that week is up.
That's like $4.50 on average or 2.5 packs of NFTs in game.

Buying packs

Now this speaks volumes about a project & this should be obvious to most, but some dont take the payment option selection into account.
Those are just a few payment options above which you may already have in your HIVE wallets. That's nice Splinterlands has a few more payment options but the important part to me is they both accept WAX and PayPal.
Now that I got my 3 pack for my weekly unboxing, lets see what I got.
It appears I have the Rocker RNG gods favor today, see the EPIC Bizzo NFT on the right?
You get these Epic cards on occasion this is my 3rd, sold one now I have a Bizz NFT & a Classic Car NFT.
The common NFTs are not much to write home about, I think Rising Star could fix this though fairly simply. Since you get a Rare Each pack the odds are not the worst here they do sell some quicker then others but they sell.

Rising Star Could Fix the NFTs not selling by adding a Burn use case or a delegation incentive ( IE Renting).

Preferably a burn blend use case would make this colection perfect honestly. I do sell NFTs in a semi professional manner like a part time NFT vendor so I know all the problems NFT collections face.

Burn Blend Use cases get rid of market oversaturation, since this Game and NFT colection has a large following, Rising stars only issue is market saturation.

Starting out

No money required simply sign in to Rising Star using your Hive account & keychain. You can get there via my referral below.

Somehow not a member of Hive quit loosing out & join today via my Hive Peakd referral.

Now once signed in hit the missions tab
Taking you to this page
The first mission requires no fans though you can play without NFTs your fans increase by owning and using them. Fans & your level in game determine which missions you can or cant take part in.
Getting to the second part of the games map will require the NFT shown above, & the completion of the quest: (Saturday Headline).

This is the point of the game I have reached & I make much more STARBITS per click every 300 min (750) STARBITS.

Given the higher return I buy more packs & get to play different types of in game missions for free. Fast tracking your account would cost much more so its some what in your favor to do things gradually.

Once your up to the point I'm at doing custom missions or music supporter becomes much easier to do as you dont have to put money into the game.

Ill delve into custom shop or Music promoter in a future article as I'm likely going to continue posting about Rising Star for the foreseeable future.

Festival Wrist Bands Blend!!!

12 Northern Europe festival wrist band NFTs out of 12, long tour, but the festivals are far from over.
I'm currently writing this in the evening but the second that the staff sends me my new NFT ill add it to the write up.
There we are not bad at all


One of if not the best tip I can give is make sure your stocked up with boosters, specifically Pizza boxes, & Coffee cups.
As you play you will find food that recharges or boosts your energy enabling you to play more frequently when used.

Normally your character in game just uses the ones he finds but with these you stash them for latter.

Meaning you can play as soon as your done with the last mission assuming you have food stashed.

NFT Informant

Today the Funko Pop Iron Maiden NFTs go on sale, Music fans these NFTs are connected to one of a Kind Funko Pop Collectible limited edition Iron Maiden vIRLs.

Due to the Funko Pop vIRL NFTs selling so well This colection is something I would recommend you look into.

The Iron Maiden WAX NFTs would be on sale by the time this is posted you can check to see if they are still in stock here.

I'm not trying to give financial advice here this is simply what ill be buying in terms of WAX NFTs.
This collections NFTs have a completion use case linked to one of a kind Funko Pop collectibles. Meaning that if the packs wont up value due to the demand the contents may.

NFTs connected to vIRLs are big right now as is Funko Pop, these one of a kind collectibles, which can be extremely valuable to collectors.


WAX Top ups

Odd little service on WAX now to top up your phone with WAX.
Paying your phone bill with NFT sale revenue, the worlds exceedingly odd & I love.

WAX Dapps to try

Two Dapps that will help any would be armature NFT day traders are Nifty Drops it tracks WAX product drops.
Nefty Blocks WAX NFT market
Cait a Faucet, Music NFT producer, & Defi NFT market on WAX
Chain Champs Tracks NFT market sturation for WAX NFTs
Biggest WAX NFT market

Palnet commemorative NFT


Air drop(s) changes

Now to continue the general Idea of giving back to Hive & my followers / Readers ill begin posting to both HIVE & Publish OX.

Publish OX being about 20 min to an hour later ill re post both to twitter.

Both will now have an airdrop so you miss Hive try my Publish OX later that day.

This will all start with the normal Hive post with airdrop & shortly after publish Ox has the same post with a second airdrop check twitter for a quick reference.


One of 2 daily WAX NFT airdrops, containing 6 NFTs posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my daily post to Publish OX.

You can find updates here
Please this is more important then ever to let others know in the comments, & thanks for participating enjoy lucky reader.
May take a min to respond but this is still active if you want t try it out


Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily
Free WAX game play to earn
BSC ALT tipping Social media platform
Hive direct payout
WAX alt direct pay out has GNOKEN
WAX & HIVE indirect pay out also SHIB
Play to earn BTC ETH DOGE

NFT airdrops after Hive
Join publish Ox
Social media


I have claimed the airdrop. I shall play some of these games thanks


I just play my missions on @risingstargames I hit level 45 with 101,000 starbits. Im able to do second level missions and I've bought $30 worth of packs via paypal. I don't really know how to do the other stuff. Not a lot of good tutorials out there. I have 52 cards at the moment. I'd like to get into the cool nfts on there but don't know how lol

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