Top 3 of the best passive performance projects in HIVE ENGINE


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Is it possible to generate money in a passive way? My research went directly to HIVE ENGINE, since, it is the Blockchain with which I work the most and with which I have more interaction, in that sense, I have obtained my Top 3 favorite projects that, in my opinion, will bring the best returns to any user who is encouraged to invest, all in order to be able to generate more rewards in the medium and long term.

Also my intention with this publication is to show the newer ones all the benefits you can get in "Hive Engine", we know the good returns that leave us projects like Leofinance or Splinterlands with their native tokens, but over time have been born more projects that seek to grow and help the user to diversify and grow their accounts, after all you must remember that your account is like a company and if we want to have more influence we must have more shares. Simply put, these actions are our HP, which we will seek to grow.


Passive returns

Again I will detail the projects in which I believe and that for me are a good investment, so pay close attention.

LBI (LeoBacked Investments)

The first of the projects I want to share is one of my favorites because of the token on which it is based, this token is nothing more and nothing less than the LBI. As I already mentioned, this is a project that gets its value based on the LEO token. It is basically an investment fund, where each LBI token represents a shared percentage within the fund, with which you will be able to vote to make investment decisions. What I mean is that you will be part of the governance of the fund and together with the other investors you will be able to contribute your opinion to make the best investment decisions.

First of all, LeoBacked Investments, provides a weekly dividend payment on the LEO token to all LBI token holders, but the way they make money with it and according to what you can understand is that, each issue of LBI tokens represents the same amount of LEO staked in your account, based on this and depending on the amount of LEO they can make daily they will be paying equivalent percentages to the token holders.

It may sound very complicated, but if you want to learn more I will leave an official post of the LBI project for you to take a look, Link to post.

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Utopis is a very interesting project created by @chronocrypto, its main objective is to provide weekly dividends in HIVE. The reason why I really liked this project, is because it offers me earnings in HIVE, this allows me to properly diversify my investment in tokens that generate dividends, I already have in my sights a project that gives me weekly LEO which is "LBI", now I have "Utopis" that gives me HIVE, which will allow me to easily grow my account in both parts.

Now, what percentage will be distributed to Utopis token holders, it is more clear in the project Whitepaper published by @chronocrypto himself, however, I will summarize it for you below: 75% of the rewards that will be delivered to the holders of the tokens, are derived from a mining platform that is owned by the same, the other 25% will come from "Doordash", a work that performs this for profit and that based on that work will come out the rest of the percentage. If you want more detailed information click HERE. Something interesting that I should point out is that this project also burns a large percentage of its tokens, which eliminates a large number of these from the market causing the price to rise over time.

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It is a project exclusively for men, of course I am a woman (laughs), but I am here for the dividends, in that sense, I was very interested in the project, basically because of this feature. In my research I noticed that many users have the BRO token in their wallets, they are very active people in the HIVE Blockchain so, this generated me much more confidence to have some and buy them in the market. Also, I am looking for is to diversify some income to grow my account.

Now, how do we earn from holding these BRO's, It's very simple, they will give back to the holders 50% of the healing rewards, it's that easy. I found it very interesting and simple, basically what I understand is that they have an interesting voting power in HIVE and based on the healing rewards, they will be able to reward all their holders. Similarly if you want to read an interesting article of the same project, Click HERE. On the other hand, they also burn their tokens, so it will happen just like UTOPIS.



I want to clarify that this is my own research of the projects that I liked the most of those that offer very interesting dividends, which, for me, is passive money and that will make me grow a lot on the platform. I still have to plan to get some participation in these 3 projects, but no doubt I will do it with time. If I am wrong about some of the projects and how they work, I apologize. Therefore, the experts can gladly correct me and I will take note to take into account all your comments. I hope that all new users can see this information and also help them not only to create content but also to invest their earnings in the right way to get much more and grow.

I would like to emphasize that any investment you make is at your own risk, in the hope that this research will be helpful.

Until next time and happy investing.


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