#BlocFest Uyo Was A Huge Success



Africa has now evolved into becoming a crypto hub and indeed a centre of attraction for project owners on the blockchain to market their products. With the level of Crypto knowledge that most Africans have possessed now it is right to say that cryptocurrency has taken over the world. It is my joy to promote crypto adoption and make them understand that they can not only buy crypto, but earn it for time spent and then HODL until price appreciates, that is for the noobs who have financial challenges but will like to earn from the Blockchain. I also always do advice noobs to do their own research thoroughly before investing in a project.


Today was a very successful day for me as i attented BlocFest Uyo, A Blockchain festival that comprises of a seminar session and the Award/Dinner night which held tonight. It is an event i am most delighted about realizing that Africans are being enlightened on Blockchain tech and Crypto investments. Blocfest Uyo 2022 kicked off by 9am and began with the registration process before the seminar proper began. I met fellow project owners and crypto owners as well like Samstikkz and Davizoe and we had an educative session where noobs got to know about Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and how they both work.


In due time after more Africans might have been onboarded onto the Crypto space, majority of them will be able to find a platform on the Blockchain where they can establish start-ups. These startups growth depends on the level of sacrifices that have been made towards marketing the project.
Web 3.0 is the end product of rebranding the Web 2.0 technology and using it for advanced content creation. One of the interesting things about the Web 3.0 is that developers with different skill-sets work hand in hand to ensure successful coding and development.