ChallengeDAC Community Weekly Video Calls:27-11-2021


Hey hivers,

I wish you all a happy new week from here. Christmas is around the corner so you all getting set to celebrate? Ofcourse you should. About yesterday, the @challengedac team was giving out 5000 and 10000 CHL respectively to attendees of their maiden edition of the community weekly meeting on Zoom application. The meeting used to hold on Facebook via the Live video call but due to some technical issues, the platform for the meeting had to be changed.

Here is the full clip of the Zoom group call:

ChallengeEOS Application is a EOSIO Software based application which lets users set up or complete Geo and Task challenges on the Blockchain. You either set up challenges with crypto rewards or complete challenges to redeem rewards on the app. The decentralized challenge application will soon be deployed on the Telos in their upcoming V8.

Read more about it here: