Follow My Account On Instagram For My 100% Upvote



My fanbase on Instagram is increasing daily and I use most of these social media platforms to educate the world about Cryptocurrency and Hive Blockchain. Majority of my fans on my social media pages are from Hive and other Crypto related platforms. I'm glad I have been able to onboard thousands of users onto this ecosystem and none of them has regretted adhering to my advice. Most of them are paying bills through this means and are not planning to relent anytime soon.

I do let them know that the aim is to spread word about Blockchain tech and how one can make money off it even from home without having to stress it. Communities like @3speak allows one to post videos of all kinds to earn passive income in return and I must say kudos to the team. All it requires to start earning from Hive are two majn factors, one being taking the risk to buy and HODL and the other requirement is your time and ability to think of how your blog can affect the reader positively.

I am giving out my 100% upvote currently worth $0.18 to hivers who follow my Official Instagram account and drop screenshot as proof in the comment section of this post.

Good luck and Cheers!