Top Gun soundtrack: the best songs

Good morning M4L friends,

For a few days I have been listening incessantly to a good song taken from the soundtrack of Top Gun, the film starring Tom Cruise in the role of the Maverick pilot. For those who have seen the film, surely they will have heard the Anthem song, a purely electric guitar duet 🎸 accompanied by the piano 🎹

The song is a purely instrumental rock ballad, crest is played by the great guitarist Steve Stevens, a virtuoso metal musician of the 80s, who in collaboration with Harold Faltermeyer, created this splendid song.

The notes and the rhythm are really deep, a cadence of chords that reaches slowly to the ears but penetrates the mind and here they get stuck. Now the song is on a loop in my head.

Among the most famous songs of the film, there is the romantic Berlin song Take My Breath Away, a piece of exceptional pop music, and it puts the chills on me. A warm and clean voice that really takes your breath away and is still one of my all time favorite ballads, an authentic masterpiece of 90s pop music.

I recommend that you listen to the songs and then also see the film, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

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