If you saw this movie, get ready because it's about to happen again


He was born in San José, California in the United States and was a visionary when it came to the stock market. But before he became a famous investor, earning millions of dollars, he studied to be a neurosurgeon.
His time at his university was somewhat lonely, but he was very dedicated to his studies. In the moments of calm and solitude he had a hobby or hobby, which was interpreting the numbers in the stock market.
He learned to invest in his spare time with his numerical prowess to make correct predictions, and it really started to come fast; and while he was doing it he was making a lot of money.
Over time he founded a company called Scion Capital, in which he managed large amounts of money. Being this a person with few social skills, he dedicated himself to the study of the numbers coming from the mortgage and real estate sector in the United States.
This character was able to notice a pattern that in the long term would generate large dividends. When consulting with his partners, many turned their backs on this visionary, but fortunately with this position in his company he had total autonomy.
He went to the banks and devised a very unconventional strategy in which he apparently had everything against it, given that the real estate sector in the United States was one of the strongest.
Automatically those in charge of carrying out these transactions told him that if he could buy these types of shares without offering greater resistance; the more Burry asked for, the more he got. Many were the banks that agreed to this modality.
Obviously the investors in his firm were alarmed, since this was a novelty in the real estate field for a long time. They insisted Burry withdraw the money they had in Scion Capital; however, he refused and froze the accounts.
They were very hard times for the Burry company, in which, the rating of this one went down more and more; however, he managed to stand firm to the vision of him. And although the principle was tried to hide this problem, finally Burry was right and his company ended up trading more than 400%, translating this into millionaire profits for him and his investors.
Today, we can take this visionary as one of the most stubborn people when it comes to carrying out a purpose. Only the constancy and fidelity to the vision that he had previously had was what led to the success for him and his company.
That is why when we start a new idea, we often get naysayers. However, as Burry did, we must stand firm; since, we do not know when our idea can have favorable results for us.

You can become a visionary in any field or area of life; You just have to realize that there are risks that must be taken, but at the end of the journey you will surely have many benefits or rewards; even greater than you had initially thought.