Very passionate about science most especially physics, an avid reader and a good writer. Also, recently fell in love with Arts.
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Author reward: 0.001 CTP for clinton19/cryptocurrency-weekly-reports-nov-17
Author reward: 0.089 CTP for clinton19/weekly-science-and-technology-reports-november-13
Author reward: 0.369 CTP for clinton19/is-levitation-possible
Author reward: 16.964 CTP for clinton19/mind-blowing-facts-about-friction
Author reward: 0.338 CTP for clinton19/a-brief-and-untold-history-of-gravitational-waves
Author reward: 0.291 CTP for clinton19/what-if-gravity-is-a-residual-of-one-of-the-other-fundamental-forces
Author reward: 0.045 CTP for clinton19/is-gravity-actually-fundamental
Author reward: 0.801 CTP for clinton19/can-you-help-the-detective
Author reward: 0.012 CTP for clinton19/re-irivers-202257t03142484z
Author reward: 15.193 CTP for clinton19/can-you-help-my-grandfather-rbfn2z
Author reward: 9.017 CTP for clinton19/the-unsung-heroes-of-modern-science-robert-hooke
Author reward: 6.825 CTP for clinton19/the-unsung-heroes-of-modern-science-gottfried-wilhelm-leibniz
Author reward: 0.057 CTP for clinton19/understanding-determinism-predeterminism-and-superdeterminism-part-2
Author reward: 0.281 CTP for clinton19/understanding-determinism-predeterminism-and-superdeterminism-part-1
Author reward: 0.06 CTP for clinton19/the-dark-universe
Author reward: 0.875 CTP for clinton19/could-motion-be-the-main-ingredient-for-our-existence
Author reward: 1.316 CTP for clinton19/what-does-modern-physics-say-about-the-number-of-our-dimensions-part-2
Author reward: 0.271 CTP for clinton19/re-mba2020-2022117t143849143z
Author reward: 1.604 CTP for clinton19/what-does-modern-physics-say-about-the-number-of-our-dimensions-part-1
Author reward: 2.304 CTP for clinton19/what-really-is-a-vacuum
Author reward: 0.218 CTP for clinton19/what-if-zero-isn-t-a-number-part-1
Author reward: 5.967 CTP for clinton19/what-if-the-universe-is-fundamentally-mathematical
Author reward: 1.325 CTP for clinton19/timekeeping-the-technological-journey-so-far
Author reward: 4.34 CTP for clinton19/communication-the-technological-journey-so-far
Author reward: 0.809 CTP for clinton19/computing-the-technological-journey-so-far
Author reward: 0.821 CTP for clinton19/lighting-the-technological-journey-so-far
Author reward: 0.871 CTP for clinton19/transportation-the-technological-journey-so-far
Author reward: 1.173 CTP for clinton19/unsolved-mysteries-of-science-quantum-mechanics-and-the-paradoxes-of-our-physical-reality
Author reward: 6.548 CTP for clinton19/unsolved-mysteries-of-science-do-we-exist-in-a-multiverse
Author reward: 1.848 CTP for clinton19/unsolved-mysteries-of-science-what-really-happens-in-a-black-hole
Author reward: 1.005 CTP for clinton19/the-existence-of-god-and-what-science-says
Author reward: 0.956 CTP for clinton19/the-biological-origin-of-telling-lies
Author reward: 0.885 CTP for clinton19/animal-suicide-and-suicide-mystery