Weekly Science And Technology Reports - November 13


It's been quite a long while folks - my absence from this great platform, my last post was ..... I think about 3 months ago, though not totally my fault. I had to take my time off to oversee other aspects of my life, you never can tell what other important aspects of your life that may be lacking. Anyways, I'm back now and ready to roll on.

This time around, i would be giving us reports/news on the latest trends and progresses in science and technology. This is to help us and possibly the unaware public (that may gain information through this platform) to not miss out on the important changes currently happening in the world around us, especially in the fields of science and technology.

Some of us, if not few may be anticipating for some scientific and technological breakthroughs or may have scientific questions that until the time of posting these reports, have no answers. These reports are meant to cater for those needs, though not totally necessary, as some of us may also love opinions (from scientists) on certain trending topics, new ideas and innovations. Some of us may also need these informations to push our careers forward or to kick-start one, who knows who the next Einstein might be with these kinds of information.

So who's ready for the weekly report ?

Okay .... In the absence of no answer except mine, let's proceed

Below are some of the interesting news you may have missed from last week (in no particular order)


Reducing Nightmares: Scientists Manipulate Emotions In Dreams

Imagine a situation where you are dreaming and in the dream you find yourself in a body of water filled with hungry sharks approaching your direction, and that there was only one way to escape to land but unlucky for you, there are also hungry Lions patrolling the land. The question then is, what would you do ?
It's quite easy but keep guessing, if you know what to do, that is good for you. This kind of dream however is considered a nightmare, especially if you had a real life experience similar to that in the dream. There are some of us that have/may have had nightmares repeatedly/frequently and it could be problematic (especially emotionally) but no need to worry much, as Scientists have recently figured out a new, better and interesting way of reducing the frequency of nightmares - through sound. Yes, you heard me right but what kind of sound ?
The only way to know is to find it out here.


Flies Smell The Motion Of Odors And Use It To Navigate, Study Finds

There was once a time i went into a small building that was located in a forest-like environment (at night), initially there seemed to be no mosquitoes in one of the rooms i was in - I could tell because i couldn't hear that their annoying sound and also you tend to hear better at night because the air is usually denser due to the lowered temperature. After sometime, i began to hear the sound of these bloodsucking creatures and only to discover that i was surrounded. A question then struck my mind and it was, how were they able to trace me from wherever they were ?
Pretty sure the same question maybe lurking on some of us mind, though not necessarily with mosquitoes, flies also display similar pattern (like when poop is exposed). In a new study however, scientists have been able to experimentally discover how flies are able to locate what they are attracted to, though there's an old theory of how it was thought to have been done. To find out about the old theory and what they newly discovered, and possibly more, see here.


Lucid Dying : Patients Recall Death Experiences During CPR

Ever heard of a near-death experience or encountered one before ?
It's an experience during death (clinical death, like in the case of cardiac arrest) or when death is approaching and it is commonly believed to be subjective. Some people who have managed to escape death (especially revival from clinical death - resuscitation) report of these so called near-death experiences. For some, it could be that they found themselves outside of their physical body (and also able to see their physical body), for some, it could be having the awareness of being dead. Some even report of going into a bright light, for those that are religiously inclined, it's often seen as a sign of the afterlife.
For a long time now such cases have been reported but has been controversial scientifically, no experiment has been conducted to show conclusively if such experience is real. But however, a recent research (experimental) has been able to show that such experience may indeed be real. To find out about this experiment and what it may mean for understanding consciousness, read here.


A New Nanoparticle To Act At The Heart Of Cells

When we have certain ailments, we usually resort to drugs but drugs too can have it's own setbacks - the side effects. For quite some time now, there have been active research in the field of medicine to develop better treatment options that reduces side effects and one such way is with the use of nanoparticles - particles smaller than the wavelength of visible light. The size of conventional drugs can be problematic and usually requires a lot of internal body processes (including going to different parts of the internal body/organs) before arriving at their target and some parts of the organs/body may be very sensitive (negatively) to certain constituents of the drug - thus the side effects. A drug in the form of a nanoparticle can reduce these long processes and side effects. In this report however, a team of researchers from Germany has been able to develop a nanoparticle drug that treats inflammation.
Emmm.... 😕 What the bloody hell is inflammation ?
I'm sorry but you would need to find it out and more here


An Early Universe Analog Built In A Lab In Germany

Fast-foward back in time to about 13.8 billion years ago, we have the beginning of our universe that started with a big bang but few moments (less than 10^- 43 seconds) after the big bang, scientists don't know what exactly happened and it's because there's no observational data about the events of those times. There are however different theoretical models that tries to give a picture of how events may have played out in those times but theories aren't enough, observational data is also needed to support these theories. A team of German researchers have recently produced a physical model in the Lab that mimics the events that may have happened during the first few moments after the big bang. According to the experiment .... Read more


New Discovery Could Resolve A Parkinson's Disease Mystery

Our last report for the week before we round up is going to be on the Parkinson's disease - a disease that is very common in elderly people and considered the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, even the great boxer Muhammad Ali died of the disease. There are mysteries surrounding this neurological disorder, like what really causes it or how it spreads, Scientists are yet to fully understand the disease. Lack of proper understanding of the disease has hindered Scientists from developing better treatments for it but that might about to change, as Scientists from the Weill Cornell medical research institute have been able to discover something that may help resolve one of the mysteries regarding this disease. Hmmmm ... What could be this mystery ?
Read here to find out.

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

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This is rich. We have people giving us updates on the scientific world in the past. But the bear market did its thing. Would be cool if you can be giving us like this every week or so.

Welcome back.


We have people giving us updates on the scientific world in the past.

Didn't know about this.

But the bear market did its thing.

That's what it does but let's hope it doesn't do the same to me 😁.

Would be cool if you can be giving us like this every week or so.

No need to worry much, that is what i intend doing.

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