9% in 3 months to DCC holders - Or 36% APR ! -


I finally found time to distribute DCC token among our dear holders.

The token is up +80% because I bought recently enough, and I'm supporting the price all the time. I'm glad we have others trading the token as well. So, both the sellers and the buyers are doing good because we have some activity on the chart and here is the chart during the last 3 months :


I would like to increase the APR from 33% то 36% because it's easier to distribute that way. For example if we divide 36% on 4 that will give 9%. So, each 3 months I will be able to distribute 9% to all our holders. And I'll start doing this from now.

Here are our holders and their income :


The distribution will be always done to those who hold 100 tokens and more. Because I do all the calculations manually, and it's hard to count the amounts under 100. That will be also a motivation for those who get less to hold even more.

Thanks to everyone who is holding the token or distributing in #dcc !

Check the use case of DCC here ! and look at what we are doing in #dcc !

You can buy some DCC here to support the token !