I've created DCC on the top of smartBCH chain !



Today I finally found the time to create the DCC token on smartBCH chain.

It has the same characteristics as DCC on hive-engine. And while creating it on github to list it on marketcap.cash, I shared the following white paper that leads to hive.blog : DCcoin is created ! The total is 1 million !. I would like to inform all those who are holding the token that they will get the airdrop when it's ready. I don't know for sure, but it seems that it will have another price there. Because it seems that to have the same price, I will have to add the same liquidity. Anyway, I'm learning about that.

I really want DCC token to connect as much crypto communities as possible. We can create collaborations together, build on the blockchain we choose together, and even impact and maybe even change the world for the best. Now DCC token is distrusted among many hivers and that's awesome. When it will be famous in the crypto world, all the world will know where it all started. I'm always supporting the price of the token with @clixy account on hive. Today the market capitalization of the token on hive-engine is about $12k, that's not a lot, but as I told you I'm still learning about how to make the token more popular and to make it bring value.

To create the token I followed the following steps :

Now the token is ready and here is the smart contract !


Everything is almost done, I only need to understand how to add liquidity and how to send that token to others.

It's a great experience to create a new crypto economy. At least I can use some knowledge from my first diploma here. ☺

I have a bachelor degree in the internationl economics, but I never worked in that field.

Learn more about DCC here !.

Join the discord server if you want to help me to build !.

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