NFT Revelations



It's funny and also a bit unexplainable how much NFTs have penetrated popular culture in the last few months, I mean there are tons of memes about them on reddit, I've seen videos made about them by non crypto youtubers, read about them in the news and so on. Will this lead to mass adoption ? or will they become more of a meme that highlights society's "investing" habits and greed, while also poking fun that they are just little more than expensive jpegs. Because once a novelty like this gets a bad rep it's not easy turning things around.

In today's world it's super obvious that you need to get the hype train going at full speed in order for people to get excited about a new concept of technology. I mean just look at Musky boy, he has promised a ton of things that are nowhere near ready or will ever be ready (*cough hyperloop cough *) but the hype is so strong that people don't care about such details. They just want to be a part of the buzz. Speaking of buzz, I wonder how we could get people as excited about Hive for example, that would certainly be revolutionary.

Ps: thank you for the amazing support I got on my last post, didn't expect so many people to "take pity" on the crazy clown :P It reminded me why I've stuck with this blockchain for all these years :)