They stumble before they fall



The first thing that crossed my mind when I read the news that the Facebook ecosystem was down was: "That's awesome! I was looking for a good meme idea for days now". Although I use Zucky boy's apps frequently I could definitely do without them if push comes to shove, also I try to leave as little information as possible in those apps, no checking into holiday destinations, updating profile pic every 5 minutes or other braindead stuff of that nature. And I hate mindlessly scrolling through Facebook on the phone, that's why I don't have it installed there at all.

This whole curfuffle made me feel proud that I'm using my time actually earning stuff through social media instead of being a lobotomized consumer, eating up everything the algorithm feeds me. All that without the fear of being censored or canceled by mobs of incels that have nothing better to do with their lives. Even though twitter wasn't down and some were feeling smug about it, they can suck a wet smelly sock as well.

The future is decentralization and when it finally becomes common place it will take many by surprise but for the people that hustled hard to get as much crypto as possible it will make all that hard work worth it.