Garlic's Birthday Countdown Update!: I got an additional $10 for our Street PIZZA party!



As already announced, My birthday is near! This is to update you guys on the progress that we've made with our small gift-giving drive.

To celebrate my birthday I want to give away some pizza slices to street vendors, guards, street children, street dwellers, or just a random sad person. A pizza slice is magical and having to receive one brings a huge smile to me. As I give the pizza slices I want to hear stories from these people. It is my little way to share my love.

The love that I am receiving from the community is just too much and I want to let it flow to as many people as I can reach.


As of the moment I already received $20 from friends. This is already so much, it motivates me to strive even more! Once I receive my pay from @splinterlands TV I will add another $20 to the fund and I think that will go even a long way.

#Splinterlands Update


I just reached the 2,000 sps mark! I am happy with all the milestones I have in my crypto journey. Splinterlands has boosted me and had been my foundation in crypto. I am happy that my account is growing and I am improving every day


Read this blog for more info and to get to know more about my plans

I have not been celebrating my birthday for a long time, I've been so alone these past few years, But ever since I got into HIVE I got to receive so much support and love from the community. I was suicidal before, this year I want to celebrate my life and celebrate that #AliveAndTriving.

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Hey! Roi here, your favorite garlic! I am a small Filipino streamer on twitch.

Recently I find myself enjoying blogging and curation. I hope you enjoy your read today. Your upvote is greatly appreciated.

Before you go I want to remind you that you are awesome! If you ever feel alone and you got no one to talk to message me in discord CmmndrBawang#5457.


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