5 years of Splinterlands

This week Splinterlands have turned 5 years and to be honest it doesn't look like that it is so old. Since so many new things going on Splinterlands, it always looks new to me. I think I have associated with the game from the last 3 years but I have not that active from the starting, I have actively playing and purchasing the assets from the last 1.5 years only.

PC: Splinterlands Post

One of the great things about Splinterlands is the development and coming up with something new. To be honest, the team behind always try to make the game better by doing something or the other. Though some people like it whereas some people do not. That is the part and parcel of the play2earn. But the good part is the game is evolving and thus it doesn't allows you to be too much comfortable and that brings the excitement along.

And then the SPS, with the introduction of SPS the Splinterlands team had made sure that we have one important token and people should try to get that as much as possible. We do have got the airdrop on SPS based on the collection power. Though my power was not that great, but still I have got some of the SPS and staked. Now with the changes to bring SPS stake into picture than the Collection power, I am hoping to get more SPS now.

Now this change might not go down with lot of people who have more collection power and less SPS staked. But again that's the beauty of the game where you see so many changes happening whete you have to keep changing your style too. Like now it's time to get more and more SPS rather than getting more collection power. For me again I have SPS staked for Silver 2 whereas Collection power for Silver 1. So yeah now I need to get more SPS to play in the higher league.

And not to forget that we have a number of assets and anyone can have anything in the game and be part of the game. Like of you want to play the game then there is cards whereas if you are purely for investment that there are other assets like land, SPS staking and what not. So Splinterlands have something for everyone out there. A lot of oriole have the card but does not play for them renting the card is one such example of earning money from the game. So yeah the opportunities presented is huge.

Again, I am not saying that the earning potential is huge, players who are associated with the game for more than 3 years knows that the bull market has multiplied their investment but for new players earning from the game is quite low. You have to spend more and more before earning anything from the game. But the potential is huge. Might be who knows in another 2-3 years your investment can be multi fold too.


If you want to play Splinterlands then you can join it here.