Taking a Look At Hive Backed Dollar and These Crazy Volatile Markets

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Friday Market Update on Coin Logic TV!

Today we are taking a look at this crazy volatility that we have had going on in the markets this week and the possible recovery that we may be seeing now. Still bullish on the long haul.

Taking a look at the https://coin-logic.com front page and seeing what's trending, we see that the metaverse coins and the gamer tokens are doing okay!

Hive has faired our really well during all this craziness! Which leads us into our article of the day from our good ole friend @taskmaster4450 talking about the Hive Backed Dollar and taking it to the next level!
You can see the full article here:

It's some really good info and I talk about how I use HBD daily for bills and in ecommerce on Hivelist!

Nothing we say is financial advise. This is for educational and recreational purposes only! Stay safe in these volitile markets and don't get rekt!

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