Gabriela Cheloni


Fifteen years ago in the early stages of Mahindra, the City downtown of Contava, Cassandra dwells with her family after being sent out of his City for witchcraft. It was hard to believe how they got their names destroyed for what they had no hands on.

Hearing the sounds of some Cheaters who she did not recognize saying "the king must die… the king must die… he must find his doom…" kept her thinking and her heart kept on pounding just like a repeated sound of a pounding mortal. Cassandra beckoned on her old mother whose gray hair was just as long as anything else. It was just as if the hair was dragging her backward as her old age seems just as ever young.

Mum!!! Please listen to what I'm hearing from the outside.

The old woman came towards the window side and indeed heard the voice of not one but several people with the same statement.

How can people be so wicked? What did the king do to them and to what gravity?

The old woman listened critically and discovered that those voices were just like the voices of witches. She told her daughter, Cassandra,

These voices are not ordinary. They are the voices of the witches.

Oh…mum…you are right. How come I was lost in my mind? Mum!!! I'm feeling uncomfortable with this happening. We might not like the result except if our mind is doubting our thought.

Hmmm… My daughter. You now have the true heart of knowing the upcoming. I smell what you are smelling the very moment I heard those voices.

Thinking of reality, I'm feeling uncomfortable with this and the result would turn back to us just because of what has happened before now. Cassandra said to her mum.

It was Dawn and a horn signifying a bad occurrence was blown. It signifies the gathering of the whole of the community members and also signifies the fact that something terrible has happened.

Everyone had gathered and behold the king showed up.

Cassandra gazed at her aged mum. They both had a good look at each other showing a sign of relief.

Deep in the heart of the two, they spoke as they can hear each other's words being witches.

When the king came out of his chamber, Cassandra quickly grabbed his thought and was afraid of the unexpected. Her old mum also had the same feelings as she had read the mind of the king.

The king made a verdict to the ones who had sent the first order of witches to eliminate him as king. They don't want him to rule but he has been a good man who detests evil. This is why the evil monster witches are ready to remove him from his seat just to take over.

The king said to everyone gathered,

I wouldn't want to ask anyone to explain any word as I am not guessing but was with a fact. The one who was planning to eliminate me is no one other than the Nathans. They had been the ones with the evidence of witches. I brought them back just because of the favor I received from Cassandra some years back, but now I have to do the needful just to protect myself and my people.

Cassandra and her old mum were about to melt after hearing this but had nothing to say other than to leave the Community for a strange land.

They got to the city of Neem some kilometers from home just to remain at peace.
It was two years now, and they had been living in peace, having a good time, and had gained popularity just because of their means of living. The old woman had to prepare some native medicine for Cassandra and others to sell.

The place they happened to be a safer place and a center of the market. Everyone from the town around does come out there to either sell or buy. Cassandra took the native herbs to the market and read someone's mind who she knew from Mahindra as one of the strong wizards of the land. Olivia was the right-hand man to the king and was the second in command.
In his mind, he said,

The king must die… The king must die…

This sound was the same as the one they heard when they were still in Mahindra. Her eyes and mind were out of the market trying to connect with her old mother. The old mum came and they headed to Mahindra to report what they saw just to prove their innocence.

It was nightfall when they entered as no one saw them nor did anyone sense their presence. They walked past the gateman just like a whirlwind and dashed into the king's chamber.

The king woke up feeling the presence of someone and said repeatedly,

Show yourself.
After a while, they appeared.
The king was seeing the ground as a deep well not knowing who to call or yell at. It was just as if the ground should open and he should go deep inside it.

Cassandra and her old mother opened their mouths to breathe in the breath of life deep inside the king's face and he was back to his senses.
Cassandra said to him

Your right-hand man was behind it all. Your trusted man, Olivia is the one who wants your seat and wants it by all means. Please, we want you to give him this portion in the presence of everyone and I promise he is going to tell the truth.

After hearing this, the king was not surprised as he has been suspecting Olivia for a long now. The king and Cassandra as well as her old mum had a special time discussing the way out and how he is going to expose Olivia. They devised a strategy that would make him confess to his sins in public which later worked out.

Wow… it was the first time having a special time with the king… And now...we are free, my daughter….. Cassandra's old mother said to her.


Is a really good thing that Cassandra and her mom were able to uncover the source of treason against the king and thereby earn their freedom.

@cool08, this story has the makings of a really good tale, you could’ve developed it a bit more - for instance : what potion did the witches use and what were the results

avatar are right. I truly thought if it, but maybe I will edit it...


Finally they cleared their already stained images. I was so glad reading this write up. Cassandra is so wise with her Witch as well as her old mum...


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