I tried and still try to avoid all forms of travel experiences be it travelling for Camping,hiking or even for parties, but this one occasion I was dragged to one as a Designated Driver for a bunch of friends. Somehow being kind and respectful to the Hosts Girlfriend turned me into a target for the obnoxiously inebriated chimp.

So this how it happened
We had a plan to go for a fun camping for Lora's birthday at a Campsite(Deloris Campsite).
We all know the best way
to get the most enjoyment from a bag packing trip is to plan. You plan for the weather,menu( if your going for hiking,fishing,riding,boating or singing around campfire) and planned for the unexpected too. But as expected,this can never be us,we only planned for the food and drinks.Hehehe

We drove drown to Deloris campsite in port Harcourt,to celebrate Lora's (my guy's girlfriend)birthday with a lot of food and drinks( I guess you know by drinks,I mean booze),but the food was way too much,don't know why,guess we thought the world was ending or what.

IMG_6886 (2).JPG

IMG_6779 - Copy.JPG


IMG_6795 - Copy.JPG




We were drinking soo much,eating so so much and having fun too. Nobody was been careful,and in a flash everyone got wasted.
Decided it’ll be a good idea to drive my intoxicated friends back home,before they are devoured by creatures of the night.


Something happened next

As I'm escorting intoxicated friend #1 to their door, my phone starts ringing off the hook, and I ignore it since I'm distracted. The phone keeps ringing, and I'm getting text messages in between calls.
My phone is silent when I drop off inebriated buddies 2 and 3 at their apartment.
As we drove into their driveway on our way to intoxicated buddy 4's house, where I was going to spend the night, the phone rings one more time. I finally check it and start reading the texts and listening to the voicemails, becoming increasingly fascinated by the drunk apes yelling, screaming, threatening, and occasionally mumbling incoherent insults.

I found out later the next day that this fellow was so out of his mind over the fact that another male had spoken to his “woman” as he so lovingly put it in the 18 voicemails he left me.
what!lol!what level of alcohol were you on???

Something Funnier that happened

Horses mating
We were sitting on the roof of our car when one of the horses suddenly got up on its hind legs and walked up to the other horse, moving its entire body. A little horse stood next to them, maybe 10 feet away. Seeing a horse push off the ground and stand on its back legs was both fascinating and disturbing. They are quite enormous beasts.


Great birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Lora. Food looks very tasty and last picture with group photo is great. 🙂


Thank you very much boss!
About the food; you bet!
Thanks again for the compliment