So,I was thrilled by the @my hive story contest by @snook and I decided to partake and share,since it's all about your personal journey on the blockchain and there is no streamlining,and hence I can dive anyway and where I want .So here we go:

How long have you been on blockchain?

@weirdestwolf ,a friend I met at med school, introduced me to the hive blockchain. We were in the same room, and I was there when he was explaining the hive blockchain to the other attendees – having access to the correct information at the right time. I became engrossed in the topic of discussion and sat in my bed, calmly listening to their chat. It was difficult for me to believe at first, but given our technical advancements, it appeared to be extremely conceivable. So I signed up and began my hive trip.

What was your background in writing when you first came to blockchain?

I've always enjoyed writing and blogging. I attempted to start a blog when I was in university.

I've picked up a lot of new talents and improved on the ones I already had. I've also uncovered several new abilities/gifts that I wasn't aware of previously. It's all because of this platform.

The hive blockchain journey has been great, educational, and self-developing thus far, and more dreams are coming true. It's a dream come true for me because

My time here has been incredibly enlightening and self-developmental. Personally, I've progressed in a variety of ways. My writing abilities have substantially improved, as has my logical ability. Joining communities like @ecoTrain, @abundance.Tribe,@theinkwell and others has had a huge beneficial impact on me.

What was your background in cryptocurrency when you first came to blockchain?

I knew nothing when I first joined cryptocurrency,No aspect of it either the gaming,trading or mining sectors.
And yes,I recognize that I am still learning about the blockchain and that I have a long way to go, but I believe that acknowledging my small progress is worthwhile. It was thrilling to make my first withdrawal today. Despite the fact that it was not much, I am proud of the efforts made. The money gives me greater motivation to improve and contribute more to the blockchain's growth. I've taken it upon myself to do so.

How did you meet people when you first came to blockchain?

The first group of persons I met were from the @hivenaija discoid channel and other discoid channels I joined too.
Then too I was intrigued by a lot of nice content on the hive blockchain,hence I did follow anybody I felt had nice content and through that too,I met a lot of people.

*Who did you look up to when you first to blockchain?

@wagginston. I look up to him as my personal blockchain guru.I follow other community members I met @hivenaija discoid channel plus a host of other communities I write on like @inkwell @abundance.tribe @ecotrain .

How would you describe your first three months in blockchain?

I would say it was "the good and the bad".
Though For me,I would say the primary reasons to trade and invest in the crypto space are (1) wealth building and (2) wealth maintenance—or retirement. I’ll explain what I mean with both in a little more detail

1 Wealth Building

Some people want to make a lot of money with cryptos to buy a Lambo. But that’s just a status symbol (a nice one, but all the same).

Wealth is what travels from one generation to the next and what gives you freedom from work—where that means exchanging your time for money (and you wouldn’t do it for free).

I like cryptos because they are bubbly “assets” (they aren’t technically assets, but I don’t want to get bogged down in semantics).

Here’s an image of what I mean. This is Bitcoin 2017 run in what was definitively a bubble. The 5 - 12 doublings happened so fast that the coin almost went vertical.

This means that your money can go up really fast with cryptos. It takes Warren Buffet 5 years to double his money (at least presently). If you catch a good run with cryptos, it can take 5 hours.

Now, the art of trading bubbles is knowing when to get out. Contrary to what you might think if you are not trading a pump and dump but a real bubble (read more about the difference here), then it makes more sense to get out late.

If you got out after the 4th doubling in 2017, for example, you would have missed 5 - 12 over the next couple of weeks. Even if you lose 30% of that gain, it’s better to hold on even longer to get that additional amount.

Because cryptos are bubbly, then, you have a unique opportunity to build your wealth quickly.

2 Wealth Maintenance

From my little knowledge;When cryptos crash (and they do inevitably), you get a crypto-winter. Some are longer than others. Presently, it looks like we just had a mini-winter (though, perhaps not—we shall see).

What I do is switch my cryptos into stable coins (like USDC, DAI and UST) and stake those on various platforms for much better yields than banks and bonds can give.

So, you could retire on just $250,000.

That’s an advantage you can get in cryptos and literally nowhere else.

What is your favourite memory of your time on blockchain?

My favourite memory in blockchain,was when I made a video post for a @hivenaija contest through @threespeak.
And there I got my single most voted post on hive,I was soo delighted that day.

If you could advise a new person signing up to hive,what will it be?

First,don't feign it.Be yourself and do what what suits you.Join communities,and be active,meet people,interact and you will definitely do well.