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The simple straight up reason for is:

Because taking action is hard — but coming up with excuses is much easier.


We’re human. And yes, rather than jump right into it, we invent a million excuses: it’s too early to go to the gym, it’s too late to start studying for the exam, it’s impossible to complete a project because the boss set an unrealistic deadline, it’s too hard to eat healthy meals because there’s no time to buy groceries.

Sound familiar? You’re probably nodding your head right now.

In the beginning of it all, I say it usually comes down to failure to modify or establish habits that support their goals.

Wanting something to happen combined with the motivation to do what needs to be done to achieve a goal is often only enough to initiate a behavior related the habit, but does not sustain them or allow them to grow.

Even a foundational habit that supports your goal is not always enough to stimulate growth in order to reach the point that you set for yourself. So it can cause distress to know that even if you do something routinely and prolonged, you may not improve or achieve your desired result.

What makes a habit more advantageous than pure motivation is that you slowly grow comfortable with testing yourself so that you stop protecting your image when it gets bruised by teachers, teammates, individuals of greater skill or anyone that that reflects back your own inexperience and immaturity.

If you can overcome your own ego while testing your limits, you open yourself to understanding the greater collective mind.

This allows you to overcome obstacles created by your personal limits of effort and time, to listen more and to risk more.

The temptation to rest when you've made significant progress is another one that stops people.

Even beyond the original goal, there's the opportunity to employ creativity and innovation to challenge yourself and influence changes you originally thought were outside of your scope or capability as an individual.

From my own personal experience:
Anything can stop a goal and it could be External or Internal.External could be able to figure out easily but internal is usually the tricky one to understand.

So basically,the reasons why actions are not taken boll down to:

-Not taking any steps to get out of your comfort zone.


-The wrong goals

-Not asking for help



Our own thoughts.If we can manage our mind and know exactly what it desires.Hundreds of sources throughout the universe will assist and support us. Any goal can be achieved if the mind is nurtured by healthy imagination, seeds of greater goals, plough of trained approach, faith in work, and awareness of the present hour.
A true field of destruction is a mind that is not in the mood to take the good but just the weeds, wrong company crops, wrong notions of success, negative feed, and unwelcome growth of greed, hatred, vanity, or negative emotions.

The mind, in essence, is the ruler of all ascents in life!

The wrong goals. Goals for specific aspects in a game are necessary, but in general, goals are a good way to create anxiety and never really feel “complete”. The better “ride” is to act toward enhancing your overall paradigm and let the plateaus happen without creating the tension of goal, which includes the possibility of failing. Failing is only a definition if we break up our processes into smaller parts, which allow us to better manage them and to see them as part of the process, that the than difinitive ends.

Fear is a crippling emotion. There are many people who have exceptional abilities but never achieve success in life. Human nature will believe the bullshitter who has a gift for gab, clothes well, and carries oneself like a winner, despite the fact that they are the bullshitter. The person who is fearful, insecure, apprehensive, or unattractive will receive little attention. Then there are those who have little or no expertise but a strong drive and hunger to see their ambitions realized, and they will. Fear suffocates the irrational desire that enabled some us to achieve our goals and more. Fear is doubt, and doubt tells our brain that it is pointless to try. Fear is merely a feeling, yet it is a dream killer.


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great answer! so many good points.. and some original ones too! In particular i love the not asking for help point! yeah very true many people are not willing to ask for help..