Clash Of Streamers | Complete New Player Guide To Get Started!


I continue to make content around Clash Of Streamers which is my main Play2Earn Game aside from Splinterlands. As many are getting started, I now made a New Player Guide explaining everything that should be known to understand the basics...

The general feedback I have been getting from players that start with this Play2Earn Game is that it's quite "Crazy and Fun, but I have no idea what the hell I am doing". I also had this myself as I was new to gacha games, but I learned more along the way to a point where everything now makes sense. This post should allow new players to save months of time trying to make sense of it themselves and make a lot more progress (=Earn More) right from the start!

What is Clash Of Streamers About?

Essentially, I would argue that the game is all about giving players a fun experience (dopamine rush) on mobile which can be played casually in short sessions during breaks on your phone.

It has many different game types included each having their own building.

  • Idle Hero Fighting: Where you upgrade your heroes and team to fight in the Campaign Tower or in the Arena
  • Match-3: Similar to Candy Crush Saga
  • GeoPets Go: Similar to Pokemon Go
  • Slots & Gambling: where you get rewards and can get lucky
  • Table Casino Games: Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Bingo all casualized.
  • ...

All of them fit into the bigger picture of reaching higher account levels by completing achievements, leveling up, collecting pets ('gotta catch them all'), Climbing Leaderboards, and pretty much everything in the game can be automated so players never are forced upon one of the game types that are included.

At any given time you have a goal to work toward and everything you do in the game counts as progress.

  • Short Term Goals: These are things that usually are taps away like Completing the Daily Quest, Getting some more Pets, Beating the next boss, getting another Achievement or Legendary Star, ...
  • Mid-Term Goals: These can take a bit longer like reaching the next Account Level, Completing the next Legendary Event (which gives a Level 9 or 11 Hero), Getting your next Shiny Pet, Upgrading the Spellbook, Selling Duplicate Pets to Cash Out (Play2Earn Mechanic)
  • End-Game Goals: The Ultimate goal to work toward is upgrading a Pet or a Hero to their Max Level so they can be exported to the blockchain where they have a burn value attached to them (see

So as you play, you will get a lot of Loot Boxes that help you to make progress to reach the short-term goals. As you increase your Account Level and collect more pets, your luck in the game will increase which helps you to reach the mid-term and eventually the end-game goals. There is also a surprising amount of depth in the game and those with higher skill/knowledge/luck will be able to progress faster.

What New Players Should Know...

There are a lot of things that the game doesn't tell where players need to read or watch tutorials. These are some of the things that are most important.

01. Play On Mobile

The game is designed for Mobile Phones which is where you should play it on (iPhone 7+ to get a smooth experience). If you Scan the QR code, you will automatically get inside my community which will make you part of the Sign-Up Deal I am offering which should help you progress faster. (You are always free to join another community at any given time). The game can also be played on PC using the Bluestacks Android emulator but it's not optimal and more for players who have Multiple Accounts.

02. Learn as You Play

Don't expect to know or understand everything there is to know about the game from the start. There is just too much info and after 8 months, I'm still learning myself. In every building, there is a small button with a question mark, this will bring you to in-game guides that play youtube videos. Discovering completely new things about the game months into it also makes it a lot of fun.

Over time, everything will click and it will become clear what exactly you are doing and what you are supposed to do.

03. Connect Your Twitch Account! (or Google/Facebook)

It is really important to connect at least 1 social media account. Your progress will be saved to it and also because all new players pretty much start the game getting nerfed Loot Rewards which get upgraded as a Social Media account is Connected (Twitch is the best as it allows players to get a lot of free Skins). The reason for this initial reward nerf is because the rewards are deterministic and the game provides an anti-gambling future mode where players can see what they are about to get. Without initially nerfed rewards, it would be easy to create bots spamming accounts just to check which hits 'the jackpot' right from the start. The requirements to have a social media account connected makes this harder to exploit. This is not mentioned anywhere so players that have no clue and don't connect one of their accounts will have a hard time progressing.

04. Initial Goals to Achieve

So the first goal you want to achieve as a new player is to complete the tutorial which unlocks all the buildings on the main page. You can easily fill a couple of hours with that in the first days. Once that is done, you are free to play the game however you want. Reaching account Level 1 should be the next goal and once that is achieved, the game allows you to press and hold the daily quest button to have dailies completed automatically.

05. Required Play Time

Unilke most Play2Earn games, Clash of Streamers doesn't force players to aimlessly grind for hours each day. If don't log in for some time, you will get all the free gems and spins all at once from those missed days the next time you log in which only makes you miss out on part of the daily free progress. It doesn't take long to complete the quest any given also because it can be automated, but it will take many of those days to really level up your account and reach the point where you are able to export NFTs to the blockchain.

06. Free2Play & Monetization Model

Clash Of Streamers is actually really Free2Play Friendly (especially for players that have the skill) and has a "Pay-2-Progress-Faster" monetization model that is optional. Right now, just spending a little bit to get your account to VIP Level 1 in a smart way (sale points) already makes a huge difference in the progression you will be able to make. If you right from the start want to reach higher account levels it will be really expensive. So the best thing to do is to start out as a Free2Play player and if you enjoy the game to do some strategic spending which will boost your progress a lot!

07. Catch-Up Luck

The game has a system where coming in late (right now I would say it's still very early) doesn't mean you will have a massive disadvantage over players that got in right from the start. New players will get increased luck in their loot drops each day for as long as the game has been released so they are able to catch up over time by playing daily. Starting now would mean that for the next 8 months you will get increased luck since the game has been out for that long. Those that start a year from now will get this for 1 year and 8 months. You can see your Reward Boost when clicking the clover in the top left below your profile image and it also shows when starting the game as in "Overtaken %"

08. Get 100 Pets Each Day!

Each Day, Players are able to get a maximum of 100 pets which you should prioritize. 50 can be manually attracted in the Geopets Go Building by pressing the hearth button (or by going outside catching them which doesn't cost gems) and 50 can be gotten from eggs that drop in loot boxes you get from playing the game. Those can be hatched in the hatcheries or by playing the match 3. Collecting more individual pets allows you to make a lot of account progress (especially Colored & Shiny Pets) as they all unlock achievements. They also increase your luck on getting rarer pets and give skin points to make your team of heroes stronger.

09. When Stuck in Campaign Tower, Do This!

The game allows players to easily win most of their Campaign Tower matches at the start (just to get the dopamine going). Once it gets a bit harder most players tend to get clueless about what to do in order to progress at first. Most likely, the solution will be in the Streamer Talents Building where you need to assign the right faction, class, anti-faction, anti-class matching them with the faces of your heroes (Face Swap Building) also making sure your heroes are merged and leveled up to the highest possible level. ((Upgrade & Level Up Building). For a more details see: Guide to Climbing The Campaign Tower !

10. Luck!

As you make more progress and complete achievements your luck will go up which means you will get better loot in the game so your progress should speed up all the time. At the start, it will feel like it's going to take forever but as you get to higher levels also have more Pets collected, things really ramp up. VIP levels also help you to get more daily spins & chips boosting your progress. It was said that luck can get to a point where 1 in 500 pets you get is a Shiny Legendary while the default odds are 1 in 50k. All default odds can be seen when clicking your profile image on the top left switching to the dice tab.

11. Weekly Events

Completing the Weekly Events is one of the best ways to make progress in the game as they tend to give a lot of Legendary Stars and also Higher Level Heroes which are hard to get just from leveling up lower-level heroes you get from chests or scrolls. Every 2000 Legendary Start you should get a Level 9 Hero and for every 9k Legendary stars you will get a Level 11 Hero. Since 5 of those are needed you can reach a Max Level Hero as soon as having collected enough Legendary Stars (It takes a long time but it's a nice goal to work toward). You will need to make the choice of having a balanced faction or 1 power faction which makes it harder to compete in the Pretige. (I try to find a middle ground)

12. Battling in Campaign Tower (x50).

The way that battling in the Campaign Tower works is that the game simulates the number of matches you select in the multiplier and it will show the 1st one that won or the one that did the best. If you do 50x battle and win the 1st you will get the gems of the 49 other battles back.

13. Auction House Dynamics.

The reason you want to buy Pets in the auction house especially the ones you don't own yet is to complete your collection which unlocks achievements and increases your luck and odds to get rarer pets. Hero skins you can use in battles especially those that give a % attack/health/shield boosts and collecting more of them also increases your skin points which makes them all stronger. You can see which Pet/hero skin you don't own, have 1 or multiples of, and the price it currently is listed for. when clicking the image of the pet you can also see the price history. Soon, you will be able to see how many of them are in circulation.

14. In-Game Currencies & Crypton.

The Game has all kinds of different currencies for specific buildings. Gems are the general currency to perform actions like battling in the campaign toker, refresh the Marketplace, ... Scrolls give Heroes, Casino Chips allow you to play the different casino games, and so on. The most important and valuable currency is Crypton and it will take a couple of weeks before you will start earning this. Crypton only enters the game by deals that are being bought and can be used to Level Up the Spellbook which allows players to make a lot of progress while it also gives passive Crypton. It is used in the Auction house to buy or sell Pet & Hero Skins, and it is needed to export to the blockchain. Getting enough Crypton Certainly is a challenge but it gets easier as you reach higher levels, have the spellbook upgraded, and come to a point where you can sell duplicate pets.

15. Building Your Account and Capitalizing!

If you want to build an account to a certain level without reaching the end-game of exporting heroes or Pets capitalizing on the earnings from there on out, Simply sell your passive Crypton and the duplicate pets you earn each day and cash out every time you reach 10k Crypton.

16. Quitting the Game & Cashing Out!

Let's say you give Clash Of Streamers a fair chance, play for a month or so and come to the conclusion that it's not a game for you and you want to quit. In this case, you are able to cash out the progress you managed to make. Simply sell all your Pet & Hero Skins on in the Auction house which should give you some Crypton especially if you managed to get some Shiny Epic & Legendary skins. This Crypon can be exported into GUBI (10k Crypton is the minimum) which can be sold on Pancakeswap. If you have below 10k Crypton, I'm happy to directly buy it from you.

17. Reaching the End-Game!

If you enjoy the game like me and are patient, you should be able to reach the end-game of Exporting Pets & Heroes to the blockchain. I would say that this can be done within a year with some strategic spending bit it will be worth it especially when you plan to hold on to your NFT's as their value is almost guaranteed to go up because of the tokenomics (Link). More features and ways to earn are also still being developed and implemented at a rapid pace.

18. Deals & Sale Points

Some of the deals in the game are so good that they are no-brainers for pretty much everyone. The General Rule is that you want to buy cheap deals that give Sale Points (orange circle showing +1 indicates the deal gives a Sale Point). 25 Sale Points allows you to get any deal for free so you can get the expensive 100$ deals using them). For more info see Guide To Deals & Sale Points (slightly outdated as some prices changed). Deals always give the promised loot even from previously completed levels or when not completing the goal at the end of the season.

Some of the must-get Deals

  • Golden Boost: It cost 10$ and gives 25 Sale Points gradually while completing it or at the end of the season. These 25 Sale Points can be used to refresh it during the season which again gives 25 Sale Points that can be used to buy it the next month. So buying it once will give you to golden boost forever unless you choose to use the sale points to buy more expensive deals once.
  • Prestige Boost: It costs 20$ but gives 30 Sale points over the course of 10 Levels. This allows you to turn 25 Sale Points into 30 Sale Points.
  • Insanity Boosts: There are 5 of them with an increasing price. They give 1 Sale point (+more) each time you complete a new account level and also give the sale points for account levels already completed instantly. So if you are level 25 you can get the 5 Deals for 25 Sale points all at once. from that point on, each completed level gives +5 Sale Points, +1M Gems, +1 Kappa Scroll, +1 Mega Chip, +1 Pogchamp Scroll, +1 Madness Spin. This is just a crazy deal and I assume it will be nerfed at some point so get it while it is still there!
  • Level 10 Hero Boost: This one is only available for an hour and pops up the first time you merge or level up a hero to Level 10. It costs 100$ but also can be bought with 25 Sale points and gives 4 1-Star Level 10 Heroes.

19. Buying Boosts With Crypto

All the deals in the game can also be bought with Crypto at a favorable rate on the Gaming4Good Store ( Only the native coins from the game are accepted either on Ethereum or Binance Chain. Simply log into the website with the same twitch account that you have connected in the game and pay with the address that is connected in the blockchain building in the game or gift it to yourself using another address. You can currently with these coins at the following rate (these are bound to change)

  • 1 PRPS = 6.68$ on Dubiex = 13$ worth purchase Value on G4G
  • 1 DUBI = 9.133$ on Pancakeswap = 13$ worth of Value on G4G
    (Contract 0x9e40868e8024aa52433ad3af311dba88ff8c86bd)
  • 10000 GUBI = 9.174$ on Pancakeswap = 13$ worth of Value on G4G
    (Contract 0x860947ae09058cc028aaf2ac75258060c61f2dfd)

All crypto used to buy deals in the game gets Burned! For a Full Explanation see Clash Of Streamers Play2Earn Economy & Tokenomics

20.Casino Spins & Streamer Skins

All the casino and slots spins can be done with a single or multiple coins. As a starting player you should only use single coin spins because you need to first collect 100k streamer skins to get all factions unlocked in that building. Especially the casino chips you want to use each day with a minimum of 10 chips per game as they allow you to speed the streamer skin progression a lot. If you don't use them daily you will have so many over time and it can't be automated so it will take forever to get the most of them.

21. Upgrading Pets & Heroes

Upgrading pets and Heroes will give 1 an extra star while destroying 4 others of the same level. The skins of both the heroes and the pets you will keep, the levels will be converted into dust that you can use in the level-up building and the streamer abilities increase the power of the spellbook. So you don't actually lose anything by merging them.

22. Pet Guardians

For each faction you can assign a Guardian Pet (in the Achievements Building) which will give you up to 4 extra benefits in extra power for your team, extra Luck, Discount, higher Chance on Free Spins, More Passive Crypton from Spellbook, ... Each Level the Pet is at (1 to 4) unlocks an extra of those abilities and having more stars increases the %. You can customize the abilities in the Spellbook building.

23. Building Pets & Shiny Buildings

So you can assign 1 pet on most buildings which for as far as I understand is just a cosmetic thing. Once you have collected all the regular pets for a specific building you can toggle it to show a shiny effect. Collecting all Pets for a building also unlocks an achievement that helps you progress a lot in the game.

24. Getting Lucky with Community & Church Spins

The Spins in the Community Building and the Church are the ones where you can get extremely lucky. By default there is a 1 in 125 chance for a community Spin to give a Mega Spin, a 1 in 125 for a Mega Spin to give a Madness Spin, a 1 in 125 for a Madness Spin to give an Insanity Spin, and finally a 1 in 125 for an insanity spin to give an ascendence spin (worth 200k). In the Church, there is by default a 1 in 5 chance for a spin to go to level 2 and so on. So everyone playing the game pretty much has a lottery chance to hit something crazy valuable in the game.

25. Adding Your own Skins on G4G

So you can add your own set of skins on G4G (Link) and set a requirement for other players to get them possibly even monetize them. You can get a lot of these skins for free just by following players on Twitch, following me on will get you my 5 skins you can use in your team and it will increase your skin points. Especially if you are a streamer you can get quite some followers from it.

26. You can Watch Twitch/Youtube in-game and Earn Rewards.

The game allows you to play and watch Twitch/Youtube while playing and earn rewards for it every 5 minutes with a maximum of 1 or 2 hours that rewards drop (not sure exactly but there is a cap). Most times you will get 1000 Gems but you also can get higher rewards with a 1 in 91 Million chance to get an Ascendance Spin! You can open it in the Community Building and pop out the video watching it anywhere in the game. To close the video just drag it to the bottom where an x will appear. You can also stream directly from the game in the go-live building.

27. Learn the different Class/Faction Visuals.

So in order to progress in the Campaign, it is often needed to select the right anti-faction and anti-class in the streamer talents building. So you kind of have to learn what the Lul-warrior looks like. There are 6 factions and 5 classes so 30 different base skins in the game of heroes you will get to recognise over time just by playing and being aware of it.

28. So Much More & More to Come ...

There are so many more things to do and discover in the game that I could continue for a while. One of the best things you can do is just watch the in-game tutorials on each building in the game itself which should explain most of it in detail. I do plan to make more articles on Clash Of Streamers including a complete guide on Pets which literally took me 6 months before I started to understand (there was also less info available when the game was first released). The team is still very much improving the game implementing new features and thinking of ways to give exported NFTs more value and I'm quite confident they will succeed.


Clash Of Streamers for sure is something else if you like me never player a Gacha Game before and there is a ton of info to process before you really are knowing what you are doing. It actually is a really fun and extremely polished game that also allows players to Earn as a Free2Play game. I can recommend everyone to at least give it a try if this guide made you interested (scan the QR code on your phone) especially since we are still very early on with most players having no clue what they are doing so you can have an informational edge. If you have specific questions, always feel free to ask!

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