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Only SBET is on EOS, for me that is the most interesting even though I also don't really have great faith in EOS. Players can log in with their social media accounts though and all the blockchain stuff happens on the background. So mostly it just uses EOS as a blockchain which has worked flawlessly without any issues for a long time.

BFG is more centralized and I'm not sure it actually runs on a blockchain, it also supports login with different blockchain accounts or just centralized created accounts. In order to get dividends you need to send coins to an account you don't have the keys from so caution is advised (as with all of these)

Wink runs on Tron as in one of the big dapps their supported by tron foundation itself. It's by far the biggest in liquidity and places it is trading at like Binance.

Sx runs on ethereum with a bridge to polygon and I guess thet will have their own chain as the first created sub-chain on polygon.