Sorare Limited Player Buying Spree!

I haver enjoyed a lot this season despite making an overall loss on what I put in so far. With the current prices feeling just too low, I went on somewhat of a buying Spree picking up what I believe are too cheap players with an eye on next season already.

I guess one of the reasons card prices are low is because there in uncertainty around players for next season while the current batch of cards will see the bonus slashed by 5% once the new cards are released. If anything it helps to have a wide collection so it's possible to enter in multiple competitions and have more optimal choices available. At the current prices, I don't mind so far and these are the ones I bought...

Gerkens was at the end of his contract for Antwerp where he occasionally played and he went for free to AA Gent where he will likely get play time under Vanhaezebroeck who is his former coach in Anderlecht. 2.62€ is what I paid.
Sakamoto is one of the better players from relegated Oostende team along with Ambrose, Batzner & D'Arpino who likely will find new teams. There is interest for him from teams like AA Gent and others which is why I picked him up for 2.10€.
Charles Vanhoutte is a player from Cercle Brugge who despite not having the best average scores on Sorare has sparked interest from multiple Belgian teams also and I picked him up for 1.75€
Ambrose is also one of the better players from relegated Oostende regularly putting up great individual scores. He wasn't happy with coach Talhammer and vocal about it to the point where he didn't play in the last 3 matches. I would be surprised if he stayed in 2nd division with Oostende. Just 1.23€ is worth that gamble.
Kevin Denkey is one of the players that I was missing last season for my Under 23 team as both Koita and Gueye didn't always play or had a good season and Jutlga next season will no longer qualify for Under 23. He is a strong striker who plays most matches and scores on a regular basis so I didn't mind paying 5.06€ to have him as an option next season.

Delcroix is a played that was injured for a while but he is considered a talent in Anderlecht who can expect a spot in the A-Squad if he is fit. This Limited card used to sell for a whopping 100€+ while right now it was just 2.09€ to own him which is 98% cheaper with some potential for price increase if he becomes a starting player in Anderlecht. He also still is young but no longer qualifies for Under 23.

Alzate was by far one of the better players on loan from Brighton. His coach Deila was transferred to Club Brugge and getting Alzate on his team seems to be one of the first priorities as he clearly was impressed. This is one of the more 'expensive' players at 7.66€ but with the potential to become a 'star' player in my teams scoring plenty of points. His average score in the last 15 matches was a whopping 60.
Ashimeru has been one of the better players in Anderlecht always scoring good points when he's fit and playing. He is another one of those players who used to be unaffordable at 100€+ but now going for 3.30€ which feels like a steal.
Amuzu at times showed really good things for Anderlecht and also started scoring as a midfielder. He for sure is one of the players that has the potential to make progress and have a great season next year. At 3.31€ it is another player worth the gamble.


Without really seeing it as an investment and more as something for fun and potential at price increase, I picked up 9 more players for my Sorare collection playing under 30€ for them combined while multiple of these cards as singles used to go for 100€+ in the past. I already look forward to putting them to use and will likely continue my buying Spree also starting to pick up my first Rare cards hopefully soon. Those interested trying out Sorare feel free to use my Link to join as it will give you a free card when you are building your first team.

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Hi @costanza!

I was watching Sorare since I've find out about GLG here on Hive, and in the weekend, decided to start to buy some players there, too.

Mainly for trading purposes, not play and win money prizes. I'm buying up U20-21 players and underdog, small teams defenders, midfilders (later on goalkeepers, too).

My main question is: where can you find such a graph, which displays given players past price changes, what you linked in your post?

Sooner or later we will get that free card, too. I decided to start in the german league, there are plenty good players in the Bundesliga 2 and in Heidenheim, Darmstadt, whose price potentially can explode within few months (also in Hoffenheim). And the german u20 team is great, buying up the players who were in loan in Bundesliga 2 and played there, and originally belong to medium size clubs in Bundesliga 1. And thats just the german leage, didnt even looked around in other u20 teams, leagues.

How fast do they change the teams, leagues on a player card after loan return or transfer to another club???

Does it a more popular game in Asia? (I see the competition's prize pool is higher there.)

What do you think? buying mostly u20-21 players? would be great to check out the similar players price move in the past, after they've started to play in the first division teams. (i already see goalkeepers, for sure, are a gold mine)

already got 4 players from last u20 team + a young adult national US player from BMG:


I overlooked this comment @pokermaria, so late reply here is where you can get price charts of the past.

If anything, I would say now is the time to stack up and buy some players as prices came down a lot while the game itself is fun and still quite undiscovered I would say. The tricky thing remains the card inflation each season. This kind of translates in it getting harder to win prizes (aside of of cap240 leagues which I like the most to compete in). Knowing your league is really a requirement in order to strike some good deals and it's imo always better to try and get players really cheap when they don't play or are injured instead of buying to expensive ones who run the risk of injury or something else that makes the price tank.

The changing of teams goes pretty fast I believe, it takes until the start of the new season for new cards to get printed and the old ones lose -5% bonus. (this doesn't matter in the cap240 league as bonuses don't count)

No clue on the popularity in asia.

If you are able to pick young players that get end up getting their chance and perform well you should be able to do good. I managed to pick up Vermeeren at 7.30€ who now goes for 40€ and has a bright future ahead of him now at age of 18.

I would say best way to play now is to either stick with trying to pick young or very undervalued players (even though that is quite hard since many that don't play but are known to be big talents are already quite expensive) and/or play the cap240 league as there it's very clear how to calculate the potential ROI. 5$ each time you get 250 points in Limited and 50$ each time you get 250 points in Rare with potential card prizes if you reach very high)

Good Luck!