Hi friends. This message you will see late at night. Today I have a yoga class and this is a great opportunity to distract from the red color that has flooded the cryptocurrency market.


Screenshot and emotions of the message as of 16:40 22.06.2021. After practicing yoga, I definitely do not want to check the state of the cryptocurrency market, I think the red color will be even more.

What do I think about this? There was a period in my life (2017) when I had a similar experience. The only thing at that time I had no experience and sold cryptocurrency at very low prices. For example, I sold the same STEEM in early 2020 at the rate of 13 cents.

What am I going to do? - wait. I don't think this is the best and certainly not the calmest decision, but this is the decision I made for myself when the HIVE rate was still at $0.4. And so that the expectation is not so emotionally heavy - I will continue to work in the usual mode, maybe even increase activity, because now - a GREAT opportunity to increase my stock of HIVE tokens.

Of course, this is not financial advice and it is definitely not suitable for those who use money from cryptocurrencies to feed themselves and their families. This is the decision of a person who is ready to wait 3-4 years for the next rise in cryptocurrency prices, while accumulating their number.

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