Cub Finance Buy & Burn Mechanism - The Pathway to Multi-Token Bridge (MTB) Revenue

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Never Give Up on the dream that was once clear, because it could become the game changer in your life as time progresses

The above is what has happened to the Cub Finance platform. For a very long time now, it has been as if the CubDeFi platform wasn't properly planned or the vision that led to the launching of the DeFi platform wasn't clear enough. My greatest gratitude goes to @khaleelkazi who didn't give up on the CubDeFi project.

Today, it's clear that there's a great revival taking place on the CubDeFi platform. This to me has a mixed feelings, while most holders of Cub tokens have sold out their holdings, leading to the downward trends of Cub price, their actions in today's parlance brings regret to them. On the other hand, it's time for a new beginning on the CubDeFi platform.

The amazing Cub Finance V2 rollouts is a clear indication that the DeFi farm is back to life and this time, it's stronger than ever.

The new Cub Finance platforms has so much to offer the general public and existing holders. It comes with high revenues and also high risk, but on the overall standpoint, it's very juicy with it's amazing Cross-chain transaction waiting for people who want to cash out big in the next coming days.

Be that as it may, one of the strategy that'll sustain the DeFi platform, most especially the Multi-Token Bridge (MTB) is to apply the 'buy & burn' mechanism.

The MTB generates insane revenue through:

  1. Wrapping Fees
  2. Oracle Staking
  3. Internal Arbitrage

All of this revenue buys CUB and burns it each month.

This strategy on its own is quite different from that of the PolyCUB project. PolyCUB Multi-Token Bridge revenue follows the buyback strategy to generate the fixed 20% APY for vexPolyCub, while the Cub Finance MTB revenue follows a buy and burn mechanism. This process on Cub Finance buys Cub and burn them to reduce supply forever.

The main purpose of doing this is to create more rooms for value accrual channels, which means that as more people wrap and burn Cub, it'll create a pathway for value accrual channels to increase.

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