Don't Eat Your Seeds Alongside the Fruits : Sow during planting season


Hello Cent community!

Do you know that many don't have anything to run unto during the rainy days. This is a clear indication that they don't have savings.



Naturally, there are two seasons in a man's life: seed time and harvest. No matter your status in the society, you must face this two seasons in your life history.

Saving culture is not encouraged because people believe that everyday will fend for itself. The truth is that without you saving the little money you have, you cannot solve problems that emergency set before you.

How do I cultivate a saving culture

  • you have to set with little before moving to much. Many people wants to save huge amount of money, and place their families in want. Every income earners knows his or her budget that'll not choke the family. If your level is $1 per day, then maintain $1. From $1, you can now move to $2 and so forth.
  • don't compete with anyone in your saving journey. You don't know if they have other sources of income that enables them save more than you, maintain your level, all savings is for rainy days. Remember that all fingers are not equal.
  • prepare your house budget before venturing into savings. This will help you know your monthly expenditures and you'll minus it from your income to get the minimum amount to save.
  • don't be distracted by challenging situation, be focused on your mission.

I'll conclude by saying that, if you want to become a problem solver, then, you must plan how to save in order to meet your needs and the needs of others in the society. Remember that you're on earth for a purpose which include meeting the needs of the less previleged in the society and one of the way to meet that goal is through planning and saving.

Thank you! This might not be very useful, but just pick the things that concerns you and your saving life.