Explaining PolyCUB, xPolyCub and vexPolyCub to a Local Market Woman in Nigeria + How to Convince a her to invest in PolyCUB

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem! It's an amazing day to behold and I believe that it'll bring you limelight on the hive blockchain and the real world.



It'll shock you to note that is very difficult to convince most Nigerians who had previously been scammed by some punzi schemes.

Every Nigerian knew about how many cashed out from ponzi schemes and how many lost their huge savings to ponzi most especially Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM).

MMM was so popular in Nigeria and it's recorded that about 6 Million participants registered for the ponzi within 4 months to its crashed. It should be noted that participants in the MMM ponzi scheme cut across all adults and some teenagers both male and female, old and young.

The scheme, which collapsed in 2016 in many countries including Nigeria, has been a subject of controversy globally.Source

After the crash of MMM in December 2016, most Nigerians developed a stiff shell to anything that called online investment, whether legit or not. This is simply because of the huge loss they experienced in MMM ponzi scheme.

This on its own have had a ripple negative effect on genuine crypto and blockchain investments when it comes to convincing the elderly to invest in platforms.

Based on the good work PolyCUB, xPolyCub and vexPolyCub is doing and the success it's bringing to the LeoFinance ecosystem and entire hive blockchain, how do you convince a market woman who had previously invested in the crashed ponzi schemes in Nigeria.

The first thing to do is to explain what PolyCUB is to them. So I'll so briefly explain PolyCUB in a layman language to them.

What's PolyCUB?
PolyCUB is an inter-chain yield optimizing platform on the polygon network owned by the LeoFinance ecosystem.

PolyCUB was launched in early March as a long term DeFi 2.0 platform that's value oriented. Currently PolyCUB offers investors amazing APRs.

Since April, PolyCUB has been very helpful in the area of value creation for the entire LeoFinance ecosystem. This became possible after the launch of pHBD-USDC vault and later the other vaults.

PolyCUb's long term goal is predicated upon xPolyCub and this has been one of the yield optimizing channels, which on a daily basis increases as the emission rate of PolyCUB dwindles.

Today, it's very much interesting and merrier because of the vexPolyCub platform that was launched in July. vexPOLYCUB simply means Voting Escrow xPolyCub and has the abilities to change one's fortune through the 2 years locking period.

vexPOLYCUB offers stakers a fixed 20% APY in return for locking xPolyCub for 2 years.

How to convince a market woman in Nigeria to invest in PolyCUB, xPolyCub and vexPolyCub
There are only two ways you can do this:

  • you have to show her the alerts you got from the hive blockchain transactions. This on its own is just helpful and not completely convincing when it comes to a Nigerian market woman.
  • you'll promise to bear the risk of the investment if the project fail to deliver. Before this is accepted, you must have signed an agreement or the market woman must be familiar with your family, residence and even must know your church pastor if possible. You should remember that you can visit the Police station if anything happens to her money.

This clearly shows how difficult to convince a market woman in Nigeria to invest in cryptocurrency and other blockchain tokens, but it's still possible to do that, if you consistently meet them and explain what the platforms are and how one can benefit from them.

One of the best and quickest are that I'll advise her to invest in is in pHBD-USDC vault or bHBD-BUSD. The choice of the above is based on two things:

  • they're backed by the on-chain HBD and at the same time, HBD is pegged at $1.
  • the recent HBD pump that has happened within 30 days period between July and August. It's easier to unwrap pHBD-USDC and bHBD-BUSD vaults from polygon and Binance networks. These platforms, most especially bHBD offers instant unwrapping of bHBD from Binance, rather than waiting for the 3 days unlocking period for the on-chain HBD savings before you can take advantage of the HBD pump.

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