Greenhouse Cultivation: Safest, Faster and Best Yield in Agricultural Production Amidst Climatic Change and Global Warming


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It's another time to share with us things that can help the world in the current food crisis and other disasters fighting against agricultural production. To understand the post better, I'll urge you to stay till the end to learn one or two things that can help you. Stay tuned as proceed.



The entire world is facing food shortages caused by either the ongoing war in Ukraine and other issues affecting agricultural production such as climatic change, global warming as well as desertification.

Most parts of Sub-saharan, East and North Africa are affected by desert encroachment, which is affecting the cultivation of plants and rearing of animals. For instance, the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti) are suffering from famine caused by desertification and depends on importation of food from Europe and other African countries.

It's true that they have less rainfall in the Horn of Africa, but could do something about the food shortages in their countries.

Like in Europe and America's as well as the Asian continent, most people as well as governments in Africa can also adopt greenhouse agriculture as complements to the imported food.

What's Greenhouse Agriculture?

Greenhouse farming is the process of growing crops and vegetables in a greenhouse. Doing so typically allows farmers to increase their performance and yields, while improving the quality of products. Greenhouse farming protects crops from external threats such as certain pests and extreme weather events.Source

Apart from increase in the performance and yield as well as the quantity of production, greenhouse helps the farmer to grow crops that are not native to those areas.

Also, the farmer controls the temperature, light, ventilation and humidity. This altogether creates a micro ecosystem that allows plants grow effectively, faster and tastier.

One of the devastating effects of the usual open air farming is the attack of pest and diseases on plants, but greenhouse agriculture is safe and doesn't need pesticides and other chemicals that affects man's health on the plants.

Why Cultivate and Grow in a Greenhouse?

Well-implemented greenhouses in a controlled environment can be a low-cost solution to improving a farmer's productivity and profitability in countries with harsher climates. They also serve as an excellent vehicle for broadening one's farming or gardening horizons, and improving the quality of their crops.Source

No matter the environment, greenhouse agriculture can be done in any country and regions of the world. Although not all crops can be cultivated in a greenhouse, but majority of crops that can help an economy grow can be cultivated.

This on its own can save the world from food crisis, but most leaders of low income countries will not see the need to engage in greenhouse cultivation.

Safe the world from food shortages by cultivating in a greenhouse farming.