How do people survive without savings: A disaster waiting to explode - Save as little as you can today for tomorrow's sake


It amazes me how grown up adults live their lives without having any backup funds in form of savings and insurances. The question is, what do you do during emergencies and who do you run to when you experience emergency?



Life itself is full of surprises and one of the surprises that can unfold at anytime is called emergency. Emergencies are unforeseen circumstances that unfolds itself on a daily basis and could get to anyone at anytime.

Many are so comfortable with their present condition and tend to eat all they hustle on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, but forget that there's a place for rainy days.

Learn from the Ants 🐜🐜🐜
Even the Holy bible encourages us to learn from the Ants 🐜, who gather their foods during the dry season and wait for the rainy days to come.

There are two seasons under the earth: the planting and harvesting season. Once the first season is avoided, then the other season cannot be accomplished.

It's understandable that your earnings aren't enough to meet your daily, weekly and monthly needs, but remember that the economists says that human wants are insatiable. There's no amount of money you have that'll ever meet your entire needs, it'll only make you comfortable and not take away your needs.

Why should I save?
Like I said earlier, life is full of surprises and as the day goes by, responsibilities are increasing, without proper planning and adequate saving culture, life becomes a disaster waiting to explode.

Savings helps reduce the burden and pressure upon a man during emergencies. Emergencies are inevitable, so one most plan to tackle them before they surface. For instance, no one can predict fire outbreaks in his or her homes and business places, if it eventually occurs, a person without proper planning and savings for disasters, I'll become at the mercy of the society.

In Nigeria some decades ago, most people believe that if a man plans for his death by preparing a testament (will) that it's not a good idea, but the truth is that preparing your will before death helps sustain peace within the family of the deceased. Today, most people who didn't believe in writing a will are now accepting such opinions.

Avoid unforseen circumstances by saving as little as you can your the rainy days.