LeoFinance Bull Season Vs Bear Market - Hodling Capital to Build a Sustainable Ecosystem During the Bear Market

Hello LeoFinance ecosystem!

Wow! July is at the brinks of winding up, I must confess that this month has been a super fantastic month for those on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the entire hive blockchain.



This is because of the numerous Multi-token bridge tokenized platforms that having popping up on a weekly and biweekly basis.

Have you ever asked yourself where are this innovations are coming from. What's the driving force behind all this MTB platforms?

Just in the month of July, we've seen vexPOLYCUB coming live and most recently, the emergence of Cub V2 vaults. All these are possible because of the ability of the Leo Team to utilize the resources that came as revenue into the ecosystem, in order to exhibit a developmental strides during the bear market.

Bear markets are for buidlers... but you need to have the capital to build. Everyone loves when the money is flowing in the bull cycle but the bear cycle is when we really nail down and start working hard. Take profits in the bull and then store it away to develop in the bear.Source

Buidlers are usually focused on taking advantage of bear market, but without having the adequate financial capabilities to venture into devs, it's more frustrating.

This shows the importance of stacking capitals both in the crypto and fiat savings. Bull seasons aren't the time for complete flexing and living a luxurious lifestyle, but a time to think and believe that bull seasons don't last forever and at some point, they're usually the shortest of all seasons in the crypto calender.

We’ve recently heard some advice for startups during the past several months. People like the All-in Podcast have been giving advice to startups for over a decade. Their advice was to lean up the company and sharpen our pencils. Which basically means: look at expenses and cash flow and make sure you have enough runway for the next 2-4 years.Source

Building a solid runway requires a high level team of devs that will constantly bring to the tables innovative ideas that'll become the game changer that'll be visible for more than a decade.

As we speak, the Leo Team have added more devs during this bear market, than it deed in the entire 2021 and the bull season that occurred during November.

I took this advice very seriously while looking into LeoFinance’s runway. During the bull market, we started staking up our cash in order to have the runway to develop the whole platform for the next few years while also hiring on new devs and having the capacity to grow in a bear market.Source

The idea behind PolyCUB project came from the abilities of the Leo Team to think aright and push the stacked capital into a platform that has changed the ecosystem and has brought more prospects to the Lions within and without the ecosystem.

In this same vein, we'll should learn how to maximize the opportunities that are hidden in the bear market by stacking and staking capitals during the bull market.

Finally, the growth recorded by the LeoFinance ecosystem during this bear market has taught me a great lesson and I believe that you've learnt that gathering capitals during the bull season and investing it wisely during the bear market, makes you more stable and relevant when others are crying in the bear market.

Thank you!

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